View Full Version : AC Art Direction and Visual Style

11-24-2007, 10:39 PM
I just want to say how blown away I am by Assassins Creed.

I've been playing games for nigh on 27 years and whilst their are better games out there, in the strictest sense, Assasins Creed strives to deliver something different, something commerically braver thane the generic fare. Here we, the gamers, are presented with a richly modelled artificial environment as our playground. Sure the structure of the game is (mission variety etc.) is a bit off, but the fun is had in exploring historically, so I understand, accurate cities from a thousand years ago. AC make me want to go back in time and visit these places.

How many people go back to the GTA games and just steal a car and cause a bit of mayhem, just for fun, with no goal- just for a bit of escapism.? I do, and I'll be returning to AC for years just to carve up some guards in Damascus!

I would say that I am sorry that they put the Sci-fi element in it, evn though I'm a huge sci-fi fan. Why couldn't it have just been set in the crusades, full stop? I imagine that it was a marketing decision to get the game to appleal to the A.D.D. generation. Bit of a shame.

I read at cgsociety.com that they used David Roberts' drawings of the holy land from the 1800's as reference material. Fantastic. I love his artwork, you can really see it in the game. Google him and take a look.