View Full Version : Clothes bug

10-04-2019, 10:47 AM
Grey clothes, those that cant be obtained opening apparel cashes and can only be obtained via open world loot, dont drop anymore in the open world loot once you reach either WT 4 or lvl 30.

I can confirm It because I've made other characters to check if these bug is because of that and indeed It is. Multiple friends have experienced this as well.

I have looked on the internet and found all the grey cosmetics that can drop to make sure that I didnt have all of them and I dont have them all, so that's another point that confirms there's a bug.

Please look for It and fix It devs, thanks in advance :)

Edit: I want to add that new characters on the same account wont get clothes either, I had to make new characters on new accounts to test the bug.