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10-03-2019, 09:32 PM
Continued issue with leg wound persisting even after healing, sleeping overnight in bivouac, fast traveling and changing gear, etc. (I’d add pics but don’t see a place to attach)

Atpial laser attachment (exotic) from Ubi rewards unlocked, talked to Holt to acquire and still not showing up in inventory. I received everything else from Ubi rewards but can’t get this to show up including attempting to restart dialogue with Holt.

Faction support mission “Destroy the Drone Prototype” Northwest of Perry Forest location (in this case its the large piece of farm equipment with blades on front). Unable to destroy object. Used rocket launcher, grenades and C4. Nothing scratched it.

Inventory issues: gear vs visual skins. Even though in-game toggle is set for skin override when I equip new hat, pants, etc it updates character visuals. It doesn’t happen all the time. Just random. Double check the toggle and it’s set to skin, not gear.

Sniper rifle scope will randomly stop working for zooming in. Fast travel, change weapons, etc...and nothing resolves but logging out. Even equipping a different SPR rifle with different scope doesn’t fix.

ADS for sniper rifle, etc. seems to be a hiccup when holding breath. Goes black then gets bright then finally seems ok.

Reflection on all scopes when ADS. Sometimes reflection makes it impossible to use. The glare from light, etc. I’m not sure if this is an error or done intentionally but all my real world scopes have anti-reflective/ant-glare coatings to avoid this very issue.

Enemy AI. I’ve found enemies just standing facing a wall, frozen. Enemies running into things and won’t move. Enemies driving vehicles erratically (although this may just be attributed to driving while intoxicated)

Please, please fix the scope, inventory, missing laser and wound issue sooner than later. I can live with all the other bugs but these ruin the game.


10-04-2019, 10:37 PM
I am having the same issues with the ADS breath control. But it only seems to be an issue on my Xbox version of the game. No such issue with my PC version. I hope this helps in tracking down the issue.