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10-01-2019, 06:15 AM
I would like to propose that suppressors be changed in game.

Currently, they remove the threat indicator on your intended target and quiet the gun down. The trade off is you get damage reduction, and increased recoil.

Neither of this would be case. I find the balancing of this to be dubious. It's as if they intended suppressors to be useless.

I think that suppressors should be reworked in that they continue to hide where you shoot from. Secondly, they should not reduce damage, and recoil shouldn't be as affected.

In reality a suppressor will reduce recoil because you're basically adding a 6 inch, 1 pound weight on your gun. Also, you would see a small increase in bullet velocity in closer ranges. Damage dropoff would also be unaffected at the ranges the engagements occur in.

So what I'd propose is a few different options to make suppressors more viable, but not overpowered.

1) Remove damage reduction, hide threat indicators, give more recoil control, ADS time would be slower, lower mobility and aim speed while ADS, faster damage drop-off even though it's unrealistic for balance.

2) Half damage reduction of the current rate, hide threat indicators, better recoil management, no damage drop-off, increase ads time, lower mobility.

3) Keep damage reduction at current value, hide threat indicators, give best recoil control, slower ADS time, but movement speed and aim speed are unaffected.

Thoughts? Please, Ubi, Make suppressors great again.

10-01-2019, 03:50 PM
I think they should simply remove the damage reduction

You already suffer reduced recoil compared to other attachments, so you already put yourself at a slight disadvantage at winning straight fights.
Im 90% sure you still get threat indicators when you get HIT
Near misses do not however