View Full Version : [PC] 18+, Mic Required, Exploration Mode, Limited HUD

ST Democracy
09-30-2019, 12:35 AM
Yo, what's going on folks. I'm looking for a group of guys to run this island with. I want to play this game as intended, a spec op merc. I don't want this playthrough to hold my hand, so I'm looking for some people who are up for the task. I live in NA East. For the most part, I'm on everyday. If you're interested add me on discord: Cory Benjamin#0940

11-22-2019, 01:46 AM
We are looking for you but you are looking for people on Wildlands forum instead of doing that on Breakpoint (since Bolivia isn't an island I deduce you are looking for a group to play in BP).
However we play no Hud Ghost mode,Extreme difficulty ... and easy going milsim\ reenactment, not fantasy trash and run and gun, but slow paced. If you are interested check us out here. We are not a clan, just people trying to meet others same tactical taste kind of players (mature)
U can add me on u play ( d10sk0ur01 ) or find us on discord which I use as it was the easiest way to meet people and organize ... otherwise i would have used only team speak...


Take care.