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09-25-2019, 10:59 AM
Rayman 1 was a lot of fun, sometimes very hard and challenging but still fun. My parents even had to help with the hard parts.

My all-time favorite is Rayman 2 The Great Escape, a "dark" story of pirates who enslaved creatures and you had to save them. There were some fun moments (Menhir Hills) and some eerie/creepy moments (Cave of Bad Dreams). I liked it and kept on going. I loved the soundtracks, you could really "feel" the moods and how difficult the levels would be, I loved the variety of characters, variety of challenges and the variety of places/levels, sometimes beautiful and peaceful and sometimes scary and creepy.

In about 4 days it will be the 20th year anniversary of Rayman. And it saddens me to hear that the Rayman 4 project was canceled. They could've made a lot of people happy and satisfied with another 3d platform Rayman game. I am sure that a lot of people would have bought this game, especially the old-school gamers.

Maybe even a sequel to Rayman 2. I remember that Razorbeard flew away and never returned (he did "kinda" returned in Rayman 3, but like a statue).
Imagine an epic title like: Rayman 4 Razorbeard's Return
Would make a perfect fit and sequel to the 20 year old Rayman 2 game.
A lot of old games got revived by making remastered versions and it sold very quickly, because a lot of people were excited and it brings back memories!

I am not even going to mention Rabbids, it was a stupid spin-off and they were annoying.
Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends are also fun. Like always, great soundtracks and variety of challenges.

I have read threads and forums of a modding team, that is trying to revive Rayman 2 but with some elements from the other Rayman games. They have made some progression lately. They're calling it Rayman 2 HD.

So what did you guys think about a Rayman 4 game? What did you like from the other Rayman games? What do you want Ubisoft to do? What would be a nice way to celebrate a 20 year anniversary??

Feedback for Ubisoft:
I hope Ubisoft will one day think about this and realize what they're missing out. It feels like Ubisoft is downgrading all their games. Also paying more attention to popular games than other games. Like Assassins Creed, the same gameplay, but different stories. I played three AC games and already had enough playing the same game.
It's nice to have some good old games revived and I believe a lot of people would like that too, just for the nostalgia.

10-04-2019, 10:32 AM
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