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09-23-2019, 01:03 PM
The Twenty Years Anarchy was a period of the Eastern Roman Dark Ages that started as a result of Justinian II's first deposition. Roman Emperors during this time period were quickly disposed of by conspiracies and revolting army commanders. After the Muslim Conquest of Roman Syria and Aegyptus, the severely weakened Roman Army retreated to fortified positions and focused on the defense of the devastated Balkans, parts of Italy they still held, Africa and Asia Minor against various threats such as the Muslims, the Bulgars and the Lombards.
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This setting would be fascinating since the Medieval Romans still had classic Roman institutions and offices such as the Roman Senate and the Roman Consul. Although, these customs and traditions were being eroded by time. The Senate of the Roman Empire had been divided into two parts, one in Roma and one in Constantinopolis. The one in Rome had been decimated due to barbarian invasions and the Roman Reconquest of Italy under Justinian the first among other factors. The clothing of Medieval Romans was similar to the clothing of the classic Romans although it was noticeably different in a way. As time moves on, societies adapt new fashion trends, sometimes from nearby neighbors.

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