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09-15-2019, 10:45 PM

Let's get straight into what has changed apart from the obvious necessary Compability Fix for Botanica.
Just to say one thing in advance: Most of the new stuff is dependent on the Botanica DLC because there are quite big changes to the DLC content.

Fixes and Adjustments first:

-Nate's Airship will now have a correct icon.
-Cargostorage will now unlock properly.
-Electrical Lighting for your streets will not shine at Daytime and will activate only at night which looks fantastic with the new lighting effects.
-Clipping of the electrical lighting have been fixed.
-Zoommod has been renamed to "Improved Lodlevels" because its not just a zoom extention but it also gives higher viewing distance and level of detail which comes at a significant performance cost.
It's recommended to only use this if you have powerful enaugh hardware.
-Easy Seed Search has been updated so you can access the New World from the start without any expeditions. Just go to the worldmap and load it.
-All Mods regarding Day and Nightcycle were removed because it's a Vanilla feature now.
-Plaza street was slightly adjusted in color to match the new Plaza tiles.
-Reduced Influence Cost is now influencing Botanic Garden as well, to bring it in line with zoo and museum you only get 10 free modules if you reduce influencecost.
-Removed Influence Cost is now influencing Botanic Garden as well.

New Content:
You can now access the mapseeds from Patch 3 again if you want.
An Option has been added to add the commuter pier with artisans. (Thanks to MystiqueBee84)
Module Limits of Cultural Buildings can now be disabled.

Now the Botanica Stuff - You will only be able to access these if you have "Botanica" DLC:

New Mod Botanical Modules in Construction Menu
All Botanical Ornaments as well as the music pavilion have been added to the construction menu.

New Mod: Unlimited Botanic Ornaments
All Botanical Ornaments can now be build without buildpermits.
The questionable RNG-Dicerolling for Ornamental Build permits has been scrapped from the game.

Some mods have been adjusted to function with the Botanical Garden.
-The Module Placement in radius for zoo and museum will now be added to the botanical garden as well.
-The Botanical Garden now will appear in the cultural Buildings menu if you have the "Construction Menu" mod activated.

A small thing you can access with "Sunken Treasures":
Old Nate now offers you to craft Nice Scrap out of Scrap (5 Scrap = 1 Nice Scrap) and Special Scrap out of Scrap (again 5:1) to be able to go for the items you want and not those you get the scrap for.

Last but not least:

There is now a support for translations. All of the texts have been wrapped up together into one single file in order to make translating the mod easier.
You need to have at least one of the translation mods activated.
Right now, Translations for the following Languages are needed:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Right now, activating these languages will show the english translation for the modded stuff.

If you want to translate the mod, simply take the english or german translation, translate it into your language (not the stuff thats inside []) and make sure to contact me on Discord: https://discord.gg/YTQGDFK
It will then be added to the next update.

Speaking of the next update. Please forgive me to mod so much DLC dependent stuff, however I wanted to do these corrections on the Botanica DLC.
But I promise you, the next Update will add something new for all players to enjoy and it will be more than Ornamentals.



Mega: Spice it up v2.6 (https://mega.nz/#!eTBEkYJQ!fNWXAn5fqwp0UuSkS0SVNedjgzT4cIQwfi4_4NL WBFE)
Nexusmods: https://www.nexusmods.com/anno1800/mods/5

Please make sure you get rid from the v2.5 files before installing v2.6.

Download links and Tutorial for the Modloader by meow:

This mod is becoming more like a group project, so here are the credits who has worked on this Mod:


A big thank you to all of the Testers!