View Full Version : When Bad Story writing breaks Immersion

09-13-2019, 09:37 PM
Good day, Ubisoft,

I mentioned this in a post a few weeks ago but thought it best to write about it. I was playing the Legacy of the Blade and upon reaching the section where I was saving two significant people to me, and leaving behind a significant person for one of the people with me. The game forced me to go back, and it broke the immersion, for I would have let that old person die. This is quite frankly bad writing, for a man to put an old person above his two significant persons.

I literally uninstalled the game after that, for I guess the writing in these expansions will just remain poorly the same. Choices as important as that which will have terrible outcomes should be exclusively the player's choice, for it literally breaks immersion. As such I will be playing Kingdom Come Deliverance until the disappointment of this story arc wears off. It may seem melodramatic but the idiot NPC I saved due to your writers saying I should save him now says it's my fault. REALLY!!! I think this just goes to show the shoddy writing for a choice taken out of my hand. Every time I saw the game icon I felt like crap, so no I won't let it depress me any longer.

I tried very hard to not give any spoilers, for other players may not feel the same way.