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09-11-2019, 04:07 PM
This is on Digital Deluxe Switch version 1.0.5, with Collection 2 Pack and Star Fox Team Pilots Pack, running on Switch 9.0.0. Playing at the Easy level.

The ship's health bar is normally green/status color with a short armor segment and a longer shield segment. But sometimes I'm seeing a single bar, somewhat fatter and I think a bit shorter, that's colored in an orange-to-yellow gradient (orange on top). If I enter into combat, it returns to the normal iconography.

I've been thrown by HUD changes before when certain pilot skills kick in -- for example, Haywire's all-pilot auto-Hack is surprising when you're playing a different pilot -- but I can't imagine what this one is, especially since I've only seen it when not in combat.

Anyone have any ideas?

10-11-2019, 03:45 PM
Hey Auld_Jack, thanks for taking the time to post on the Ubisoft Forums! I've moved this thread over into the dedicated Nintendo Switch Player Support section, as I do see that you've mentioned the Switch as your platform.

Would you mind sharing with me two fullscreen screenshots - one with the "normal" health bar visible, and one with the shorter bar visible?

These will clue me in a little bit more as to what you're referring to, and will allow me to investigate further with the Starlink team if necessary, to check if this is intended behaviour / as the result of a particular skill or ability :)

10-15-2019, 07:26 PM
Mystery solved! It's an "elemental shield." Elemental shields provide another layer of protection for your ship (so they're definitely a Good Thing). Added: The elemental shields are between the active shields and the standard shields, so active shields protect the elemental shield and the elemental shield protects the standard shields (which protect the armor which protects the ship).

From what I've been able to determine so far (and I haven't yet spent a lot of time looking into it):

Elemental shields are provided by Workshops when you sell them a sample of corrupted Nova. Obviously(?), heat-corrupted Nova gets you a heat shield which is the orange gradient mentioned above, cold-corrupted Nova gets you a cold shield which is a blue gradient, and gravity-corrupted Nova gets you a gravity shield which is a purple gradient. I think only workshops produce these shields. Added: Even beginner-level workshops produce elemental shields.

There is text that mentions this. If you immediately exit from the interaction with the workshop after delivering the corrupted Nova, you'll see wording like "Heat shield active" right after the shield bar. That wording only lasts for a second or two, and it doesn't appear at all if you do anything else at the workshop after delivering the Nova. Added: But don't exit from the workshop interaction until the dialog message clears from the screen, because the dialog window will cover up the "Heat shield active" (or whatever) text. As soon as the dialog message saying you're getting a shield goes away, drop out of the interaction and you should see the shield text.

Presumably, heat shields are stronger against heat attacks, cold shields against cold attacks, etc. I don't have an easy way to test that.

Elemental shields don't regenerate. They wear down under attack until they're gone, then your regular (regenerating) shields and armor take over. As they wear down, you can see part of the normal health status bars, but those bars are dark until the elemental shield is all gone.

Elemental shields can't be stored in inventory. If you want a new one, find some appropriately corrupted Nova and deliver it to a workshop. Note: you can still fly while carrying corrupted Nova with your tractor beam. Added: Elemental shields stay with the ship just fine when using fast travel (not really a surprise, but nice to know).

10-17-2019, 04:53 AM
Auld_Jack: Awesome! Looks like you've got it figured out! Let us know if you need any further assistance!