View Full Version : Spark imagery at Reef Fuels without decoding

09-11-2019, 03:56 PM
This is on Digital Deluxe Switch version 1.0.5, with Collection 2 Pack and Star Fox Team Pilots Pack, running on Switch 9.0.0. Playing at the Easy level.

I'm getting the imagery normally generated by decoding the spark at Reef Fuels (Haven), but I haven't decoded the spark. In fact, I haven't even started the Forge of Atlas campaign.

This is the second time I've seen this. The first time I thought it was a corrupt game save, but this time is from a new game. I've redownloaded after the first time, and that didn't correct the issue, which is why I'd thought it was corrupted game save data. (That game experienced a number of weird behaviors, which is why I redownloaded and started a new game.)

I'm pretty sure the imagery wasn't there before I destroyed the Imp Hive and built an Armory at Sunset (just across the water from Reef Fuels), and it was definitely there afterward. So that might well be related.

I'm near the end of Act III (Rally the troops), with the game waiting for me to build an additional armory on Vylus. I've completed everything on Haven, and had already built a Workshop on Haven before building the Armory.

There are no spark icons on the starmap, not even at Reef Fuels. I haven't seen any other places with erroneously decoded sparks, but I don't recall where they all are so I haven't tried to check them out.

Possibly related: Sunset Armory is offering to repair my fleet, but all of my ships are fine.

Updates: After starting the Forge of Atlas campaign, that spark now shows on the starmap, as decoded (green). I don't see any other decoded sparks on the starmap, so it appears to be something specific to that location.

Also, the repair offer stands at all outposts, even though my ships are fine. I paid the 500 electrum just to get it to go away.

10-11-2019, 03:50 PM
Hey Auld_Jack, thanks for reporting these issues to us via the forums. I've moved your thread over into the dedicated Nintendo Switch subforum, as I saw it mentioned that that's your platform :)

I'm glad to hear that after progressing further, the decoded spark icon has appeared for you on the starmap, so that you can at least see it. If you encounter a similar issue in the future, could you share screenshots with us of the map with the spark missing, and then if it later appears, another afterward? Additional details with regard to any missions completed etc. would be helpful as well, so that we can closely look into if this is intended behaviour.

For your second report, with regard to the offer of repair, despite your ships being at full health - this is certainly unusual. If you see this again in future, could you record a short video clip to demonstrate that your ships are undamaged, and then access the prompt / offer of repair, showing that you can pay electrum to repair them? Thank you.