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09-10-2019, 11:34 AM
Greetings Riders,

We can only imagine what technological wonders we will have in over 100 years, but Trials Rising Season 3, Welcome to the Future, has imagined that future for you.


Ranked Multiplayer Season 3

Season 3 brings new opportunities to climb the Ranked Multiplayer Leaderboards and earn some new limited-time rewards. Climbing each division will earn you different pieces of gear for the Golden Cyborg Outfit which will be awarded at the end of the season. Will you brave the challengers of the future and obtain the full gold outfit?


New Content

This season will see the introduction of the Crawler, this new 4-wheel-drive bike will allow you to explore and tackle tracks in a new way. The Crawler will be available to play on many of the Trials Rising tracks throughout singleplayer and multiplayer from September 26th.


Season 3 will also bring a wealth of new customization items for your rider and bike. These new items will be released regularly throughout the season including two new rider outfits, the Cyborg and the Space Suit. The outfits will also be accompanied by two new bikes skins, the Robo skin for the Mantis and the Space Rover skin for the Rhino. In addition to these outfits and skins we will also be bringing you three futuristic style headlights and 10 new themed helmet accessories.

That’s not all! Once your rider has been kitted out for the future, you’re going to need some fresh animations and poses. Season 3 will bring a variety of new moves including:

Five new loading poses
Five new victory animations
Two new lose animations

Select the one that best suits your rider’s personality.


Additionally, Trials Rising will be receiving two new track packs. First up is Back to the Fusion track pack inspired by Trials Fusion. This track pack will include five brand new levels and will be available to purchase in-game on November 7th for 35 Acorns:

Statcoulomb - Easy
Observatory Ridge - Medium
Fusion Factory 2.0 - Medium
Neon Crash - Medium
Light Runner – Extreme


The To the Faire! track pack will also release during Season 3 on November 21st. This track pack will also be available for 35 Acorns and will also include 5 new tracks:

Groundhog Training – Easy
Groundhog Again – Medium
Groundhog Forever – Extreme
Feudal Fun – Easy
Faire Play – Medium

Halloween Event

Something wicked this way comes. During October there will be a Spooktacular event happening for Halloween. This event will introduce a variety of spooky customization items available in the gear store or through Halloween event crates. Lastly, don’t forget to collect all the Jack-O-Lanterns hidden across various tracks to unlock an exclusive helmet only available through the challenge.


That about wraps things up, let us know what you think about all the content coming to Season 3 on our official channels including the forums, Facebook and Twitter. We are always grateful for your feedback as it helps us to continue improving the overall Trials experience.

Now, it’s time improve on those personal best times, Riders! We’ll see you on the leaderboards.

09-10-2019, 05:50 PM
Yay...Fusion again. :nonchalance:

09-10-2019, 07:57 PM
The Crawler will be available to play on many of the Trials Rising tracks throughout singleplayer and multiplayer from September 26th.
It won't be available on virtually any of the growing number of Track Central tracks and on none of the tracks created before that date. Please let us use any bike we want on all tracks, but don't award medals/leaderboards/completion if the bike isn't one one the allowed bikes. This very easily extends the value of added bikes enormously. Track Central builders can't update their tracks when you add bikes like you do for your own tracks.

Please let us use our bikes, just don't count the runs if they don't belong there. Getting to use it is a very important part of the bike's value.

And please give us a selection grid, instead of that ever more annoying list. We've got plenty of screen space to show all the bikes.

09-11-2019, 08:15 AM
Hope the crawler ends up to be a true quad and not simply a bike with a bigger display model on it.

09-11-2019, 12:44 PM
So far everything we got that was supposed to have four actual wheels is using invisible tires in the center of the driving line and dummy wheels on each side. I doubt that this one's going to be different. It's not such a bad thing though since it allows us to use these vehicles on tracks that weren't really designed for more than two wheeled bikes (thin ramps or ropes as obstacles for example). Shopping cart works in the same fashion btw.

09-11-2019, 05:31 PM
pretty sure panda wont be a 2 wheel thing, wasnt on fusion and the panda on rising has been a known thing for a long time, so its clearly been in development, prob be pretty close to the fusion panda.

09-13-2019, 09:28 AM
After the huge delay you still are going to charge us acorns for the track pack(s)? I can't believe you.

09-13-2019, 01:16 PM
Better it be delayed and be done right. Not like it was a DLC or anything. Just added content. Not that big of a delay and we get 2 in one month. Most people are grinding out the DLC anyway.

09-13-2019, 03:02 PM
I have a couple of questions about the new season. ...

1. Are the track packs like the dlc and tc downloads, where if any profile opens them they're available for all profiles on that console?

2. Will you be including acorns as part of mp rewards?

It'd really be nice to see acorns added to the season rewards. As it stands now, you guys are only offering a golden cyborg outfit as the season reward, and it's probably not even customizable (if it's like the golden ronin). Not everyone is going to be interested in a cyborg outfit and even less will be interested in something they can't customize. Now acorns, however, is something everyone is interested in winning. Something like 10 acorns a division would be fair. Bronze would get 10 acorns and diamond would get 50. It would also be cool to see something beyond diamond as well, to keep ppl playing throughout the season.

Also, while I'm on the subject of acorns .. Can we get a 5 pack, or even a 3 pack, of acorns added to the legendary section of gear crate rewards? I currently have 800 gear crates and absolutely no incentive to open them, other than the random accessory that I may like. Giving out a couple acorns here and there is only going to keep your players happy and playing your game.

Besides all that, I'm looking forward to the new season and also that cool looking crawler thingy too. :cool:

09-13-2019, 04:16 PM
Agreed with FrequentForager. Giving Acorns as a reward per division in MP would be a great way to offer a sustainable flow of ingame currency. Right now theres no way for a player to earn acorns if they spent them prior to Track Pack announcement, and have completed all Contracts. This demoralizes a player into thinking good content is forever lost (outside of paying real money). Fusion had Mini Tourneys that solved this problem, and itd be nice if Rising could find a way to do so as well.

09-13-2019, 05:06 PM
Acorns were added to MP in fusion and it brought in a lot more people for awhile. It would help a lot in Rising, especially with so much to buy using acorns. I know my opinion doesnt matter in here cause all i do is troll, lmao

09-15-2019, 12:44 PM
Acorns were added to MP in fusion and it brought in a lot more people for awhile. It would help a lot in Rising, especially with so much to buy using acorns. I know my opinion doesnt matter in here cause all i do is troll, lmao

Thats what i want since season2.
Sure, it wouldn't be "the solution" for the empty lobbys, but i think it would help alot. :)

09-18-2019, 07:04 PM
and what about the "1. Are the track packs like the dlc and tc downloads, where if any profile opens them they're available for all profiles on that console?"

I don't mind bying new tracks, but I don't want to re-buy the same tracks over and over for every profile on my system.
If this is not the case, there must at least be a way to "earn" the acorns in a timely manner.

So don't tell me that
* track packs have to be bought over and over for all profiles
* acorns cannot be earned throughout the game anymore

09-19-2019, 12:53 AM
you have to buy the bikes on each profile so i'm sure the same will go for the track packs. easy to pick up acrons on each profile anyway.

09-20-2019, 10:41 PM
Something has to be done about the rage quitters. I've had countless matches ruined by ppl backing out in the 3rd round, because they were behind on points. Hell, sometimes they don't even wait until the 3rd round and dip out as soon as they realize they've lost the 2nd round. And then, on top of that, it seems like a lot of riders don't realize that the points are awarded on the starting number of opponents and will quit when they think they they've now become the losing rider when there's only 2 left in the 2nd or 3rd round. This really needs to be addressed. I know that the last person in the session just can't be awarded points, because it's something that would be abused, but there has to be a solution to this. I propose you allow the session to be finished, even if it's only by 1 person. This would ensure the rider, that would of won if their opponents didn't quit, would get the points they deserved while not being a setup that could be easily abused. I'd rather not see ppl get penalized, because I know sometimes a connection may be lost and it's not them quitting, but that's totally an option I'm down for if it means helping to make mp fair and enjoyable.

Also, I never got a response from any of you ubi folks in regards to the 2 questions I asked on the previous page. Would be nice to hear something about that as well. thanks.

09-20-2019, 11:36 PM
Agreed FrequentForager. Ive posted about this several times myaelf. What really kills me is, im in a match with 5 total riders. I win all three tracks, and when everyone crosses the finish line on the 3rd track, and the results screen is about to pop up, the other 4 riders rage quit. So we literally finished the match, and im just about to be awarded my points, and they all quit! And i gain nothing. The game sends me back to the Home Screen with no points. This is infuriating. I really feel that a person should be awarded their points regardless. So if all riders quit, i should be treated as a 1st place win, and gain the points. This problem is realllly bad on Ps4 MP right now.

09-21-2019, 01:33 AM
Happens non stop on the switch too. On Xbox i wont race with less than 4 in a lobby, unless i know the riders.

09-22-2019, 11:40 AM
calculusman1084; I haven't had it happen yet where they quit after finishing the 3rd round, but can imagine the frustration that comes with it. I can't even comprehend why 2nd or 3rd place would drop out when there's 4 or more in the session. What, is winning some points not good enough? Sure it's not 1st place points, but it's def not losing points. I just don't understand it.

lionden; I wish I could just wait till there's 4 in the session, but you know how it is most the time on the Switch. If I'm lucky, the other person knows that I like to tie it up when possible and can get a couple of quit-free matches.

09-22-2019, 09:20 PM
FrequentForager, Switch is different, happy to just find one player, lol. I'll take my chances on them backing out. We both know to trick to keeping them in the game, lol

11-12-2019, 05:38 PM
Wait, so I pay out preorder for game and DLC pass... but now have to pay for in game currency “acorns” in order to unlock new tracks?

One of the reasons I have no acorns is that I paid out for a bikenwhich turned out be part of a past DLC (I’d already paid for) but again this broken game didn’t unlock for me

The other is... because IVE ALREADY PAID through the DLC pass

Or am I missing something here?

11-12-2019, 07:35 PM
@Meenie, all the DLC that was included with the Gold Edition and/or the Season Pass has been released (2 Outfits, Route 66 and Crash & Sunburn, and 2 Bikes (Alpaca and Turtle)). I might be missing a little, but i digress. As far as we know, all content moving forward will cost Acorns. There was little communication about this at launch, but theyve been pretty upfront about it for a bit now. Still, its rough for those that spent their acorns in the early days, since there has been no new ways to earn them since the launch of Route 66.

11-12-2019, 07:47 PM
Thanks for the reply bud!

Can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I’m passed letting myself get pissed at these things

Looks like this’ll be the first trials game in many years that I don’t fully own