View Full Version : New bikes have display errors in selection

09-09-2019, 01:30 PM
In the bike select list, the Alpaca and Turtle show "PURCHASE TO UNLOCK" when you aren't selecting them, but "BUY FOR" when you highlight them. They also say they cost 45 Acorns, when they are supposed to be DLC content in our Expansion Pass.

You also still have the useless Shopping Cart AHEAD of functional bikes, and the Helium and Donkey are still after all three added bikes instead of above them, where we can get to them more quickly. Please make the bike select a grid so we can see all the bikes (there's way too much empty space to have to scroll that list) and get at them with minimal keystrokes.

Please also let us use bikes that are not allowed on a track but without it counting for medals/leaderboards/anything, so we can play with the new bikes (and future new bikes) on old content. You have no way for Track Central tracks to update their allowed bikes list, for example, but we will obviously want to play with them there, and consider that some of the necessary value of the premium bikes.