View Full Version : AC 2 for PC Uplay Achievements

12-17-2011, 11:16 AM
I just finished playing AC 2 on my PC with the Digital Download version that has the expanded content, etc and sat through all the closing game credits with Lucy telling me she's hooked me up to the Animus and I can play around in it while they continue driving.

After bopping around back in the game for a bit upon exiting I noticed that the achievement "An Old Friend Returns" wasn't checked. Reading the requirement it says to "Escape the Hideout", which I did but it hasn't updated or credited my account as such.

Can someone please guide me as to what am I am apparently missing? I've noticed in the past playing that several achievements I've read about were never unlocked (such as assassinate 5 guards into one hay wagon) for me either but simply attributed that to them shortchanging the PC game player version....