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12-11-2011, 01:13 AM
Ok I cannot find a single thread for suggestions using the Find thing so I will assume it doesn't exist. so here is some feedback/suggestions.

1. Co-Op: yes, blatantly obvious and said many times it is also fairly easy to fit into the story line. There were assassins back then, assassins pass their order onto their offspring, ergo assassins back then probably had a continued line if there are assassins now. What this means is that one of your assassins could also be hooked up to an animus to aid Desmond with things that he did not accomplish alone. The Co-Op would be simple, you could add diverse objectives such as have the assassin kill a specific target to make the mission easier (like a sniper) cause a diversion (like a fist fight), or just go incognito with the other person and aid in chasing down the target easier. Practically, two players would work the best but it isn't outlandish to expand that. As long as you don't force the people who do co-op to do co-op things it would work well, suggesting that they do certain things would be fine though. Also, so they have the same gear as the main character, co-op should only proceed after the 1st Master Assassin recruit.

2. What happened to the cities. Constantinople was beautiful, but I recall in assassins creed I and II that there were multiple cities. That made me happy because of the diversity that it had. Please make more cities, even if they are smaller cities. ACII was awesome because I had my own city, and 3 other cities. The best part about ACII was that I didn't have to ride for god knows how long to get to those cities. ACB was a welcome departure from that, but its still pretty awesome and going back to that would be nice.

3. New weapons: ok this isn't really specific and your going to do this anyway but the creation of new weapons has kind of stagnated since ACII and ACB. The bombs were nice and the hookblade was pretty cool, but there wasnt much else that was added. You could make a wider variety of customization, maybe throw some magnesium in there, fire bombs would be cool. What about a hidden greek fire gun, outlandish but not impossible if it were a one shot. Dual wield small daggers. Dropping small tacks might be good. Im contemplating deleting this part but all im doing is spewing out whatever Im thinking and its like 3am so idgaf.

yea but anyway I'm gonna go to sleep now. Hope the first two were productive

12-11-2011, 01:41 PM
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