View Full Version : [Blog] The Settlers at gamescom 2019

09-06-2019, 04:16 PM

Another year, another gamescom and another great time for The Settlers.

We promised you a proper recap last week and donít want to let you wait any longer Ė so letís get started:

At gamescom 2019 we did a total of 10 presentations, showing new gameplay and features to anyone who joined us in the Ubisoft Lounge. Creative Director Volker Wertich also dropped in to answer questions and gather feedback from fans and players.

Further special guests were our The Settlers Star Players DerSpender, ZockerLounge and Aliestor.

Follow this link (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/gc-this-was-gamescom-2019-detailed-summary/) for the full article with new screenshots and a gameplay video.