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09-06-2019, 04:10 PM

I have all of the game completed 3 stars except for the last mission which i cannot finish at all.

I saw on the internet the Luciano for stealth kill and rope, Lucas for assassinating the last boss + Gaspar for jumps and healing combo but i don't have the first 2 at 5 stars (working on it 4 and 1/2 now) and also i was unlucky and i did not get any drops in order to create the 5 star weapons for any of them.

I tried to use Gaspar + Claudia for healing with a Qasim with 5 star weapon - Got to the last NPC with al 3 chars alive, Qasim 1200 HP (after killing the 4 guards) but i got killed since the last one is pretty powerful.

Who ever finished the mission, what combo of heroes did you use and did you have 5 star gear?


09-06-2019, 05:20 PM
I found this one pretty tough myself but with a little luck finally cleared it at level 46 using 5 star Lucas (last room only), 5 star Alvaro and 5 star Gaspar

Both Lucas and Alvaro had 5 star weapons and armour and I used the elite training room to bump up their attack and health a couple of notches.

The hardest part was clearing the first trap as it’s only a 5% chance with Alvaro however Gaspar’s two heals came in handy to clear and his Vitality of the Covenant sorted out Lucas for the last fight

09-06-2019, 05:46 PM
I managed to do it with Girolamo, Yusuf and Gaspar, but only after getting the Drachen Sword. Gaspar at level 5 with the healer cinquedea helps a lot, as you have a third heal.

I would highly recommend these videos:

I actually tried a lot with Alvaro and Lucas, but you need to get lucky, like Alex did with those two Critical hits in a row. With Girolamo properly draped in 5-star gear, I did it in one go.

09-06-2019, 06:47 PM
Yea.. what i thought.. the secret is a 5 star weapon for everyone.. but the drops are so random.. and for events you have to be top 3..

and now my problem is gold for lvling heroes up.. any tips on that?

09-06-2019, 07:11 PM
There are no good tips for gold, I'm afraid.
Grind the region 5 loot missions, and you get 2300 coins per mission, and the occasional rare material for level 5 gear.
Also, do not waste massive amounts of gold on leveling up your assassins. Doing it piecemeal saves a lot of coins.

1. Start training Ishak or Luciano, with a single codex page. This costs 100 coins.
2. Start training your target hero in the same room. Do not use more than 1270 XP worth of codex. This will also cost 100 coins, because of the other hero in the room. Depending on the hero you train and the type of codex you use, this will take up to 90 minutes.
3. Before you collect the target hero, remove Ishak/Luciano and add Ezio with another single page of codex. Instead of collecting 1270 XP, you will get something extra, depending on Ezio's rank.
4. Collect Ezio and repeat.

I usually put both Luciano and Ishak in separate rooms, upgrading 2 target heroes at a time. You only need to add Ezio at the end, before you collect the XP. Do not tap the room, as this will collect Ezio first and the target hero after, and you lose the Ezio bonus. You need to zoom into the room, and tap the target hero first, tap Collect, and then do the same for Ezio.

One other trick to speeding up training is to do it one minute at a time. This is time consuming, as you keep tapping a lot, and you spend a bit more coins, but it works well with heroes that have high learning ability, e.g. Horacio, Shao Jun, Alexios, Maria). If you do it during Wednesday's Training Hours, you also get extra XP.

So, same steps as above, but instead of 1270XP, you cram as much as you can, while keeping the training time around 1 minute. This means you can collect the hero almost immediately, using the free Skip option.

09-06-2019, 11:00 PM
It works but i'm not a patient man so what i did is:
- added Ishak in the training room and added codex as much as possible while keeping it 100g - train around 39 minutes
- while he is training there, i started training aguilar - i was able to add 650xp while keeping the training at 100g and 15sec , thus instant and free. doing this 11 times lvls him up and it costa 1.1k instead of 18k

lots of presing, but it's worth it. thanks!

09-07-2019, 12:39 AM
There’s similar tricks for crafting. For example when I want to craft some armour, particularly tier 5, I first put Jean in the room, crafting a sacrificial tier 1 item. This costs 100 coins / 15s. Then I select Baltasar and get him to craft the item I want. For a standard tier 5 item (150k) his ability gets a reduction to 120k, and there’s another 10k reduction from Jean.

09-10-2019, 11:59 PM
Sometimes I play region 5 missions manually with Luisa as lockpick for some extra gold.
But if it were only for the gold and not for the mats and codex and dna, I‘d farm story mission 2 all day, which has 2 chests for 3 int (chests in story missions yield more gold then chests in farming missions).

You can also switch team for the treasure room. Most of the time I have Claudia and Mayya in the treasure room.
But I if you don’t mind to harvest once every hour, you can put Flora and Angela/Lupo there for faster gold generation.

09-16-2019, 08:25 PM
Finally managed to do it:

- Gaspar - no 5 star gear
- Yusuf - first jump and mob and then the zip line - 5 star weapon, 4 star armor and boots
- Lucas - 5 star weapon and armor, 4 star belt