View Full Version : Does Game Save Work?

09-05-2019, 10:27 PM
I managed to get KIA (donít ask) and I was transported all the way back to the last downed helicopter and my goal was reset back to find the ancient ruins. I had already done that plus played about another half hour or so on top of that. I noticed there was no manual save game but assumed there would be auto saves, especially when achieving a mission, like go to ancient ruins, or when I explore a Ď?í Site on the map. To be sent so far back was sucky enough that I stopped playing the game.

Can anyone enlighten me about the save system? Iím not sure I can face going back if everything I do is wiped because of a mistake or because I got too curious.

09-05-2019, 10:51 PM
Its a auto save sys and yes it seems to work

09-05-2019, 11:13 PM
do u have cloud save disabled?

09-06-2019, 07:26 AM
Cloud save is working. I took up game again, gave it some time and deliberately died and I was bounced back to the helicopter again losing all progress.