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09-05-2019, 09:43 PM
First off: Beta is beta, I think we all realise this

However, grass, brush and trees looks horrible, even on a decent setup. Maybe there are some settings I missed, but compared to similar games, it's a shame.

Storywise I enjoyed it. I expect the game to feel sort of sameish (sneak, kill, ???, Profit), but there are some interesting elements in the story, which will be cool to explore.

Movement feels (like many others have said) sluggish and if I remember correctly, I felt the same way about Wildlands beta, but there must've been some rework or update to it, because at launch it felt alot snappier. I was not a fan of the cover system in Wildlands, but atleast it felt consistent.
Here I felt like I was either sliding all over the place one second and the next everything felt like a snail.
Not being able to crawl backwards is also a weird choice I feel. Turning around and crawling the other way just cemented the feeling of sluggishness.

Gunplay felt the same as Wildlands, nothing to write home about, but not terrible

My biggest concern was the UI. It feels like a cheap consoleport. Having to go into the loadout and change whatever you want to have bound is dumb. Midfight having to go into a menu and change to frags instead of EMPs really takes you out of it. Why not have grenades on one button and have it cycle between them, or atleast have a inventorywheel where you can go in and change it would be better then what it is now.

Overall I'm disappointed, really looked forward to this game, but in it's current state it won't be a game I would buy on release.
Maybe after some tweaks or if I can pick it up a year later at a sale, sure.

I hope some of these things will be fixed for release and that we all will be able to enjoy the game

09-05-2019, 09:47 PM
awful movement, it reminds me when the witcher 3 launched, people complained about the movement. You stop and yet you still walk/run 2/3 steps. This is just garbage , you run to a ladder and end up hugging a wall, you run to a box to open and you miss is because of these garbage movement mechanics... The FOV is awful as well, this is 2019 I MEAN Cmon....decent fov. Add to this the graphical glitches...and the Stuck in environment glitches. I just cant be bothered carrying on with problems. This is in beta, it should still be in ALPHA.


09-05-2019, 09:57 PM
I played Wildlands and i enjoyed it but this, this is like downgrade. Menus for guns,equipment and skills and perks are too complicated. Wildlands were much better in that regard. Graphics look like its downgraded and i played at Ultimate graphic preset. Skill tree is zoomed in but that may be a bug on my side.You need to scroll to see all skills. I believe this is some early build but if not i dont know how will they fix this in a months time, no way its gonna happen.Wanted to play Solo but cant find where to turn off other players because they just wandering around cave like its multiplayer game. and why do we need to hold buttons for everything? Why not just press one time without holding it? Whats the point of that? But one thing thats bothering me most is too complicated menus. No need to have menu embedded inside menu...

09-05-2019, 10:21 PM
Pure downgrade.
1 game contradicts itself with the hillarious Hub disaster
2 the updated graphics they say is looking like 2013
3 movement feels sluggish and akward tbh i cant crawl backwards... i have to turn around ... wtf is this
4 Gated content because of gear score loot system ? basicly less freedom than wildlands

09-05-2019, 10:22 PM
oh i forgot welcome to BREAKpoint with only online mode that disconnects into a 20 minute mission setup and planning then ports you back to the HUB area so you have to do it all over again...