View Full Version : Ubisoft you got some changes you need to do before releasing this game

09-05-2019, 08:08 PM
Sry for being harsh but its needed and i hope some moderator reads this.

1: Remove this Tiered loot to balance this game and removing the gear score walls that hinder players to move freely around the map.

2: put the seamless play from wildlands back in where we didnt have to get booted back to HUB *laughing* area each time we get disconnected, followed by 10 minutes of travel to our mission area. OFFLINE mode when we lose connection to the server which is bound to happen some time.

3: Mission menu is confusing and the tutorials are annoying af. Hey wildlands didnt need tutorials for mission menu, why? because it was well designed

4: Everything should be customizable from the start. every weapon customization ( i dont mean it should be unlocked)

5: Another thing this game is plagued with because of the looting is Inventory management. its clunky and the hole overview of it is confusing.

6: Why do we have so much consumables for everything. Shouldnt that be tied to classes and if it was designed properly there should be 10 different methods of getting the same goal.

I can only refrence wildlands because you got it right there. Yes it wasnt a true GR game because it was open and sandbox, but you got it right at the first try. a clone with the same menu and everything with a new story would have been better.. but no you just had to invent the wheel again for the worse.

Only reason i see you inventing this wheel again to how it played out is this: Money
you want to make money so you gate the experience behind grindy loot systems.

Let me tell you
Raid has nothing to do with GR, its not needed
looter shooter system has nothing with GR , its not needed

I was in good faith after the last game but this game as someone already stated before on this forum is making anthem look like the game of the year.

Dialogs feel disconnected from human behavior, It might be the acting or just the directors choice. i mean it would have been better if you made the conversations scenes like you did in wildlands. which brings me to 7th point

7: RPG element, its so poorly executed that Dragon age 2 looks good. the idea should have been scrapped infact its painfull to watch as the conversations go. Again the way it was done in wildlands was 10x better which brings me to the 8th

8: Hub area.... I mean it is really just a clusterfurr of missions, tutorials and conversations.Let us turn off other players. If i want to play solo i dont want others there. just makes it lag more. again its just a unnecessary feature that ruins the immersion of the game.

It just pains me to see how you got it so right in wildlands and so wrong in this game

09-05-2019, 08:18 PM
The hub is one of the worst things to implement....
it breaks all the immersion this game (and especially the story) tries to build up.
You are the lone warrior who survived the helicopter takedown... all your squadmates from the first game are dead, wounded or missing..... then you arrive at the hub and see 100 other ghosts.
Like seriously?!?!?!

If you, UBISOFT, realy want to keep the hub, then atleast let me play offline or disable all the other players.

09-05-2019, 08:26 PM
Couldn't agree more about the hub, one of the most immersion breaking things I have ever come across.

Totally counter intuitive considering the narrative.