View Full Version : Nice game btw

09-05-2019, 06:15 PM
Csgo knife (still the same animation, PS. wildland predator weapons are the best.)
Far cry crafting and gathering (too much, we are here to shot some mobs, we don't wanna play FarCry gathering and crafting. this game makes wanna cry.)
Borderland weapon replacement (nice weapon ah nice, pick weapon from random drops, ah nice one discard the old one, too much please just give us the old wildland weapon system.

Crazy weird moonwalk style animation, and not to mention the old classic Ubisoft bugs like stuck yourself in a rock, helicopter, so far u can only get a transport vehicle helicopter at camp, no sure if you can call the delivery service like wildland.plus the bullets drop is really bad compare with the wildland.

all the above is my first encounter of the game. I do like the game story so far, but the game styles are nothing like the wildland. personally I feel uncomfortable when I play this. as I had a bit higher hope for this game when I saw the trailer. nice bait...

09-05-2019, 06:19 PM
Vehicle system in this game still bad. camera locked when u driving them, you can't look down when u on the helicopter, with ground vehicles you can't look left or right... please fix these problems. I kinda wanna just skip this game...