View Full Version : Ahhhhh!!!!

09-05-2019, 05:26 PM
Just had to post at how much i dislike this game!!!!!

Played in two technical tests and now the beta.... Well 18minutes in the beta before i took out one of my eyeballs !!

I understand that i played TS and beta but seriously.... why is the game so bad?


1 - Load the game and crash
2 - Load the game and crash
3 - Load the and get into a game. Can't use bandages or don't have a weapon. Get stuck, log out and CRASH!!
4 - Load the and get into a game. Can now use badages and have a pistol but on the flidp side, i cannot use 'E' or any other key binding to interact..... log out and CRASH!!
5 - You get the picture, it continues!!!

I loved wildlands even with all it faults but this game is makes me :mad::mad::mad::mad: already