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09-04-2019, 06:28 PM
wildlands was a great experience, but everything that was great about it seems to be long forgotten, pvp is no longer tactical, classes gave you a way of approaching certain objectives under a set of limitations and advantages, that has now been replaced bya point system the more **** you have the better the weapons the more powerful and so on, the mao shrinks?????? what the hell was ubi thinking we liked the realism inside wildlands.... that the magic border shrinking just makes it less immersive, and why oh why would you borrow from ****ing fortnight!!!! KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS we for the most part dont like or play fortnight it sucks and its gay, we dont like battle royal, and we dont like loot shooters.

a point based cover shooter is what we got.... damn, if i liked arcady point based cover shooters i would have bought the division!

the animations are terrible why oh why would they run that way????? is it just me or are they too close to the camera and it kills about 30% periferal vision?

everything that was innovative cool immersive and special about wildlands is gone.

sad customer

09-04-2019, 06:40 PM
I fully appreciate that you want to share your feedback with us, however Id like to remind you to keep that feedback and any suggestions constructive.

The feedback we have had so far on both movements and camera view/angles have been voiced by others in the community, so it's noted for sure.

09-04-2019, 11:08 PM
I dont agree frank in the way you went about expressing your feedback.... However, i totally agree...i do not like the fortnite /battleroyal feature and if it is i hope its an option to add in a custom match not as a default to all quick/rank matches....this is a shooter game... tactical... i enjoy people camping.... you have to learn how to beat that strategy....but a good team can easily destroy those camping.... i enjoy a sniper from afar picking off my team and me finding a way to counter that and get to the sniper....

but now i just can wait until the circle closes and he has to move closer and done.

the camera is the division view and thats bad , hopefully the field of view like wildlands get implemented again