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01-22-2010, 08:13 AM
This is only intended as constructive criticism. I love both AC1 and AC2 both are great games. Here is my list of the 10 things that Ubisoft Montreal should improve upon for the next Assassin's Creed game:

This list in not ranked in any particular order.

1. The button for grabbing a ledge should not be the same button as letting go of a ledge (B button on Xbox controller). This is awkward it's easy to mistakenly let go when you actually meant to grab.

2. When involved in a chase, if you're running on a rooftop and you jump from one rooftop to another, if there happens to be a bale of hay on the ground level nearby, in many such cases while in mid-air, Ezio will suddenly turn and jump down into the hay. Then you have to frantically climb out and quickly re-climb the nearest building to continue your chase.

3. I love the money system, but there was a huge missed opportunity in AC2. After beating the game, you can go back and finish any missions you might have missed I like that. But you end up with a lot of money and virtually nothing left to buy. I would have liked some other items to buy. Anything to keep me interested in the money I'm earning. Otherwise the money loses it's use.

4. It's too bad you run out of missions at all. The missions seem so simple, they can't be difficult for Ubisoft to set up. Why not have access to a much larger pool of missions? I would even be willing to pay to buy additional bundles of missions on Xbox Live, say, 400 points for 25 missions?

5. I don't like that you can't skip cutscenes. I understand that Ubisoft wants everyone to follow the story that if people skip they would miss important details. But after you've beaten the game, you already know what happens. Why can't Ubisoft do something like Eidos did in Tomb Raider Underworld have the ability to push a button to skip a cutscene, then it asks you to confirm you wish to skip, and you hit yes. It really is annoying to be forced to watch the same clips over and over again. It's also a huge waste of time (and I mean, a lot of time!)

6. Glyphs, feathers... every collectable item should be available to display on your game map. I can understand if Ubisoft wants people to pay to buy the official game guide, but why can't the print guide come with a unique code you can punch in that automatically causes all feather and glyphs to appear on your map? In AC3, any collectible should be made available on the map. It's odd to be sitting there with book, looking at a print map, when there's a game map on the screen!

7. In AC2, Ubisoft removed the ability to go back and replay a memory. So, after beating the game, if you want to replay a specific mission (i.e. the Da Vinci flying machine) you have to restart the game from scratch. The ability to replay memories should be restored in AC3.

8. When fighting a bunch of guards, I've noticed that on many occasions, some of the guards seem to walk away almost like they figure there are already enough guards taking you on, so they're not needed. I'd like AC3 to have the ability to draw in infinite number of guards into a fight. Wouldn't it be sweet to be able to fight 50+ guards all at once?

9. Camera angles: the cameras are pretty good in AC2, but they could be better. There are a few places in AC2, especially in the Assassin's tombs, where Ezio is in a tight spot, and you can't move the camera at all in such cases, it's difficult to know which direction you're supposed to jump.

10. I like that Ubisoft sped up the climbs for AC2, but I still think it's too slow. I think the main character in AC3 should climb buildings and towers faster.

01-22-2010, 11:10 AM
#7 is untrue. You can replay memories from the pause menu.

01-22-2010, 12:00 PM
#7 is untrue. You can replay memories from the pause menu.

#7 is true, you can't replay the main story missions, only the side assassination missions, races, etc.

#9 Is probably intentional to make the tombs harder, either way I think its fine even if a little annoying at times.

#10 No. The climb speed is fine and any faster would start to make us look far too superhuman.

#6 Also no. If you really want to not find these things yourself its real easy to find a map on the net or something. I liked searching for these things myself, even if I gave up and used a map for the last 15 feathers myself - had there been an ingame map I probably wouldnt have had the patience to find 1 myself.

#8 Not really noticed it happen myself, have gotten into huge fight although I feel 50+ might crash the game.

The rest I would probably agree with,

01-22-2010, 12:10 PM
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