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09-03-2019, 06:12 PM
em, i saw a new disclaimer on the grpb. stating that rights to with draw are revoked if agreed, and that the purchased content will be resolved "immediately".

i just wanted to present the case of understanding. whereas it is not wrong to present an offering of acceptance for a right to withdraw. however the context of all content agreeded upon put ubisoft and uplay in a state of legal binding to provide all accessible content purchased with the agreed loss of the right of with draw. because, the term "immediately" means; portense latin referendum also known as prohaste, without further adew which is the french addendum aka not to be cut off and now coming next, essentially meaning here and now after this binding agreement has been made. suggesting that, once i have agreed to revolk my write of with draw, the game will be made available to me now.

this is a legal binding contract, removing the users right of with draw.
however, this is also a legal binding contract, requiring ubisoft to produce the game to the user now the agreement has been made.

as your lawyers would agree. the context of these agreements needs to be changed. and a legal disclaimer needs to be sent in response to recognized the terminology mistake withing the agreement. where the terms of the agreement was meant to be inclusive of "forth coming" contents. and not that of purchased content "immediately" or else within all reason of regards within technicality of legalities, that agreement made for any user would have rights to full access of any purchased content as of current.

mean, i would like to have all the Y1-Y3+ content excetra now as this agreement implies. but the grpb content is not even scheduled for the next beta testing for 2 more days of 5th-9th so i am sure providing all purchased content is not what you meant within this legal agreement. also legal binding have to be signed especially anything acknoweldging a the loss of a consumers right, aka not just checkboxed... so it would need digital initials of account holders agreement, just like when a purchase is made. where if a series of check boxes is being used across multiple pages, where within end of the agreement requires initials, and the digital signature then considers with all previous check boxes... that is a legal binder as well. so fear not, no true legal agreement has been made as of yet.

just trying to help correct a legal issues which wasnt realized. and would be correctly stated that all purchased content is promised upon availability. not by terminology of immoderately. where the inclusive word of promised, is just that of a legal promissory note like the funds used upon purchase. suggesting that the right to withdraw is only subjectively removed across the event of ; if the content can not be released.

09-03-2019, 06:19 PM
and yes, spelling is important, and can be confusing, when words are not stated incorrectly. as point of prof and my mistake for being tired. but only furthers the point of infraction.

09-03-2019, 06:21 PM
and dammit i did it again... should have said not correctly or incorrectly. this is the error results of not sleeping... but yeah... mistakes were made.