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07-13-2005, 01:41 AM
I'm rapidly becoming the laughingstock of the whole Kriegsmarine with this mission I'm in...

I'm on my sixth patrol, it's june 1940 and I'm heading down the west coast of the British Isles in my VII-c as I get at radiocall of a large enemy convoy heading in my direction! This is the second time I get in contact with a convoy, the last time, in my previous life, I got sunk by the escort before I could fire a single shot...

It's daylight, but visibility is quite poor, maybe 1500 meters or so. The seas are rough, so bad that it is a real problem locking onto targets in the periscope.

Based on information from my sonarman I try to manouver so that my ship will be to the south of the convoy, and deal it a few torpedoes as it pass.

Finally, the front escort, a V & W destroyer comes along. It's 1400 meters away when it emerges from the fog. I decide to give it a shot, as it would be nice to don't have to worry bout that one later. I fire tube one, depth 3m, impactfuse and high speed. The destroyer starts to turn slighthly against me, and the torpedo passes straight in front of it.

The escort remains on course for a few seconds, and I decide to give it another shot. Tube two, 3m, impactfuse and high speed again. Range is about 800m. The torpedo hits the destroyer midships at an angle of about 45?, bounces off the hull and sinks. I swear so bad that the whole crew gets embarrassed! I decide to pull down my scope for a minute, cut the engine completely, silent running and follow the destroyer by sonar to check if he has descovered me. He obviously haven't as he is moving away. How he didn't notice having a torpedo slamming into the hull, I really don't know! It must produce a loud sound of some sort?

After a minute or so i go slowly ahead and raises the periscope again. According to my sonarman there is a merchant closing on 012. To my astonishment there are ships everywhere!!

Ships are filling the intire view through the periscope! Most ships are too close for shooting, including a succulant T3, so reluctantly I opt for a T2 about 700m away. Remebering the torpedo that bounced off the destroyer at allmost the same angle, I choose magnetic for this ship. Fires tube 3 and 4 only seconds apart, both set 1 meter below the keel, magnetic impact, one fast and one slow. The first torpedo passes under the ship at an angle of about 45? without exploding. I never know what happened to the second one, but we never heard from it again. My crew is now very frustraded, while I'm very angry. I have to dive in order not to get rammed by a cargoship heading my way, and set depth to 70m, while starting to reloading my tubes.

No warships are searching for me, the merchant allmost ramming me was probably not aware of the fact that I was there... I've fired 4 torpedos at ranges less than 1400 meters, and the enemy still doesn't know that I'm there! Extremely annoying!

After some 12 minutes, tube one is ready, all the while I've been driving along the convoy at 4 knots. Going back to periscope depth again. I'm still in the middle of the convoy, with an escort on my port flank and a small tanker straigh behind me, about 600m away. I'm now so desperate that I go for even the small ones! I fire the rear tube, magnetic impact, 1 meter below the keel. The torpedo passes under the intire lenght of the ship without exploding! I scream out from frustration, hits 'save and exit' and goes to bed without beeing able to sleep for hours!! And writes this annoying complaint on the job next morning....


07-13-2005, 02:02 AM
The worst is the one I´m making right at this moment...I´m east of Norfolk and in broad daylight and excellent weather. The convoy is HUGE, and there is a passenger liner among it...but, it´s the best escorted convoy I´ve seen so far: 5 DDs and 4 corvettes...I´m in a good position astern of the convoy, but already at +-8000 meters the DDs have created sort of barrier and are stalking my sub, even though I´m running submerged at periscope depth and at creep speed...I just rise the periscope from time to time to check positions...
So, I don´t know how I will make my run through all the warships. I´m thinking of shadowing the convoy till night and only then attempt an close up...

07-13-2005, 03:25 AM
Throw everyone in your torp room and then launch multiple salvo's if you feel you cant get in the convoy, or you can always fire upon the surest thing to sink with one torp and let the escorts scramble to it and while they are distracted........................

07-13-2005, 03:30 AM
The point is I would like to get this juicy passenger liner...I´ve also thought of firing a salvo of my 4 front tubes, though I´m still far from them, at some 7.000 meters.
I think this one is a good chance to practice various tactics, so I maybe will concede some realism and try different approaches and tactics...

07-13-2005, 07:31 AM
Ok, kinda same thing....last night im just west of scapa flow and I get a convoy report. I surface go ahead full and plot a intercept course. I arrive and submerge. Now im one torp short of a full load having sunk a C2 in my patrol grid. I sit for 2 hrs submerged (game time) on TC....sonar contacts. I reposition myself headed north and find the cnvoy. First four torps I sink a T2, T3, and 2 C2's. Missed with my stern tube. The 3 escorts proceed to ping me. I dive to 70 meters and creep away. I set a course south and once out of range surface and run a course along side the convoy. After passing them and bringing my external torps in I again submerge in the path of the same convoy...one more tanker, a C3 and 3 C2's to go. I shoot all but one stern and one bow torp....I hit a C2 but only slowed it down. Then the escorts bothered me for 6 hours....no kills at all....I managed to slip away and start the return trip home. I now have only one bow torp left having try to sink a DD while evading. I happen upon a tug boat north of scapa flow...80-100km north....I sunk her with deck gun....Then while making way to Wilhelmshaven from east of Scapa I see a C3...dove stalked shot and missed.....I arrived home with 57,000 tons...which had potiental of being a 100,000 club mission....I was disappointed to say the least.....

07-13-2005, 12:47 PM
Same thing happent to me skarpol. But I fired 5 fish sank 4 ships and the escorts didint know I was there!And I got pissed of because I ran out of fish.Wait that aint the same thing sorry.

07-14-2005, 06:13 PM
My first patrol after the FaT becomes available. I have 3, fire them all into a large convoy, manage to miss with all 3. Then I watch in the external camera as they all run their patterns, each getting within 50-100m of a perfect hit on each run, then turning around for the next leg.

Have you ever seen someone pull their own head off in frustration? I came close http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

07-15-2005, 01:28 AM
Weeeelll, WihelmSchulz, as you point out, your excperience isn't totally like mine... anyway, after having calmed down, started to talk to my wife again, etc, I decided to continue my tour in the North Atlantic. When I reloaded the game, I was ofcourse still in the middle of the convoy, at periscope depth with a plethora of ships around me. Beeing a litle more patient now, I dove to 50m, waited for the crew to reload 2 more torpedoes and surfaced on the port side of the convoy. A flower corvette was busy some 1600m behind me, but on my starboard beam there was three ships line abreast! I fired the 3 torpedoes I had after the T3 furthest away, as it had most tonnage. All three torpedoes hit, 2 of them on the T3 and the last one on a small merchant wich both sank.(the small merchant sank very reluctantly after about 20min). Then all ships started to sig-sag, and the next 3 torpedoes produced no hits... so I've managed to fire 10 torpedoes only to have 3 detonations and 2 ships sunk.... things can only go bether from here...

On my way home I launched my sole lasting torpedo at a T3, it exploded nicely under the keel, but the T3 didn't sink, just stopped. So no tonnage there either.

Now I'm longing back to Wilhelmshafen. I'm gonna write my reports, then head for a bierstube, get really drunk and then tell miss Karla at "Die Blaue Engel" to get me a nice woman...