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08-27-2019, 09:54 PM
Enjoy reading everyone's posts regarding ACR.
First up is Luck, during the recent Ibis Rift event I was playing the 4rth Mission under Grandmaster difficulty. Luciano level 47 with Level 5 weapon and armor. Jorge with level 5 weapon and Ezio as a tag along. One memorable run Luciano does the Stun and proceeds to miss 4 times in a row(with weapon accuracy of 85%) misses the 59% chest twice, then misses the 81% assassination. The probability of this occurring is approximately 1 in 62,000. This is the reason I never play slot machines!!

Regarding The Forge. The only way to play on my device without crashing is to stop all Headquarter activities or the game will crash somewhere in the final battle. I run with Level 47 Alvarado with 5 star weapon, armor, and Belt. the guy has been upgraded in training room and attack of 1.2 k, Luciano as described above also upgraded and Gaspar without any 5 star weapon. I watch online video and see a significantly less(35%) Alvarado scoring critical hits with massive damage. My guy not so much. 3 failures

So I try with Lucas, 5 star weapon and armor same backups and same lackluster result. 2 Failures.

I only try once per day as it really is not critical to have the Forge completed as all other Standard, Loot and DNA missions have 3 stars.

Eventually Lady Luck will change!
Cheers to all.

08-27-2019, 10:27 PM
That's interesting percentages insight. I've noticed that doing 5 runs in a row on Standards (10 levels below), 95% assassinate, wall climb, disarm, and lockpick will miss in the same place if you use adept. If it's 95% white, it doesn't miss.
Very fishy indeed.
I don't think it's luck (I don't believe), but RNG favoring (like needing 2 dna to max someone and getting all low dna chances 5x).
I'd bet those algorithms are the coding problems!
Btw, those have to be publicized now...

We're supposed to enjoy games, not get screwed.
I'm leaning more and more toward uninstall.

09-23-2019, 09:10 PM
I passed "the forge" with Rosa 5* (with 5* weapon/armor), Yusuf 5* (with 5* weapon) and Jean 5* (with his 5* Weapon, 5* armor, and Evade stat cranked 3 or 4). Passed all the level almost without using Jean. That was the only way for me to pass it.