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08-23-2019, 06:28 PM
Two topics I'd like to address with this post, not necessarily tied together, but just something. I know that the devs have been taking feedback from some people, but just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

Gear RNG. I feel this is completely broken right now, and I know many others are in the same boat. For example, if 4 of us clear a lvl 4 control point, and collect all of our loot at the end of it, to be honest, there may be 1 or 2 items I keep out of what, 15-20? Those items I do keep are usually only because they have one stat that I may need or may use in the future, if I can find that magical God rolled piece.

Purples. Why do I kill a heroic boss and get any purples off of him? I feel at WT5, purples shouldn't even be getting dropped, let alone have higher stat values than the golds I'm getting. I think at WT5, honestly, you shouldn't even see purple drops, let alone heroic missions.

As far as lower level clans getting high rolled items in the clan vendors, i can't help but wonder what the thought process was for this? It's almost a punishment for grinding and ensuring your clan is Max level. Why level the clan up when you have a better chance at a high roll item with a lower level clan? For example, the 15% weap damage chest in the 17-24 clans a few weeks back.

As far as recalibration goes, I think two things need to be changed.
1. We should be able to roll 1 attribute and one talent on gear. I know in the div 1 you could only do it on classified sets, but considering the vast increase of equipment pieces in the div 2, I feel that would help balance out the RNG.
2. I also think the devs should seriously look at allowing us to roll colors over other colors...ie a red attribute over a blue, yellow over red, etc. This would not eliminate the grind, but allow us to have more control over our builds than to be locked behind one wrong colored attribute. How many times have we picked up a great piece that would almost work in our build, but one attribute was the wrong color? Even if the devs locked the rolls, so you could only roll that gear once, allowing us to roll an offensive over skill, or skill over defensive, would allow us a lot more flexibility in our builds, and help offset the RNG grind of finding hundreds of junk pieces without one good item we can use.

08-23-2019, 07:11 PM
There is a lot wrong with RNG. I think it would be great if we could swap out all the stats on a equipment piece. This way you are storing the elements, chest piece weapon damage, knee piece health, glove skill haste etc and not a item with only one useful element out of 3 or 5. It might simplify storage and help make the grind have some point again.

It may also help alleviate the disparity between identical items. Why is there a 6k or more spread on identical guns? Why can gun A not just do X damage and your gear/ skills/ talents etc be the modifier to increase damage/ ROF etc? It may make a lot of the guns relevant again.

There has been a lot of great feedback and I really hope they listened to some of it

08-23-2019, 07:16 PM
Also, I would recommend gradually increasing the chance for an exotic drop ever so slightly the longer one goes without receiving one. I would think this alone would curtail many of the complaints about the quality of the loot.