View Full Version : AC Chronicles next game?

08-22-2019, 05:29 PM
The 3 games were very nice with a fresh concept, new characters and plots... I havent heard anything about new games... was there any official announcements?
Im pretty sure most would love to see some B-side assassins in action (maybe Aguilar? Ishak?)

08-25-2019, 05:12 PM
They were a bit of an experiment for Ubi and I suspect they won't do any more.

Never say never and all that, but...

08-27-2019, 03:07 PM
Yeah, the original trilogy wrapped over three years ago. There haven't been any announcements for any other games following that line, but it would be interesting to see.

Judging by your Rebellion avatar, I'm guessing you enjoy some of the other non-main games in the series as well? :D

08-31-2019, 01:54 AM
From what I heard the Chronicles game were a pitch the studio behind them did and the higher ups liked enough to greenlit, I don't think they did well enough to make Ubisoft bosses desperate for more so unless someone makes another pitch is unlikely we will get more.