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08-20-2019, 01:25 AM
In dz today with friends fighting rogues. We entered and the group was camping just outside the cp out from door guns. They were manhunt already when we entered the session. My team killed them, but we noticed as they came back out they automatically turned manhunt 1 once just they past gun range of cp. So we chased and killed them again already knowing its smelled of hacks. Then after we killed them again, they came back out and wasted us. They shot through walls and after inspection all appeared to have the same builds AND in the ui the image was backed out stating "cannot find player" or something similar and blinking. So we battled a few more times but really it was pointless. Then one offered to show me some bug where two players post up on a wall and shift side to side really quick to merge characters. Lastly, the chicken dance is still alive, but it's more like the chicken skate. As it appears they just slide side to side. No it didn't look like lag it was smooth and fluid. Thought I'd share for all those who play pc and see this. We reported them. I know nothing happens. No I didn't video it or name shame.

It's time for a permanent ban ubi.

This is your rep. Td1 all over again.

08-20-2019, 02:34 AM
If you are suspicious of another player possibly cheating, please report them here (https://support.ubi.com/en-US). I also appreciate you adhering to the no Naming and Shaming rule with your post.

Please report the player(s) in question and we will investigate and take the appropriate actions on our end.

08-20-2019, 05:26 AM
I've encountered so many rogues they can switch back/forth their rogue status. And here's the weird part, once you down them they can immediately return to CP without waiting for the 30secs.

08-20-2019, 06:12 AM
Anyone can “chicken dance” in d2.... 1. Move r/l thumb sticks simultaneously in out 2. R/l mirror l in r in l out r out

Once you get the hang of it you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about....

Have someone shoot you while doing it and you’ll see half the shots miss you.

Lastly though, right now the servers are so bad the lag is making it hard to determine what’s going on.... for instance me and 2 others were MH odz.... we fight and kill 2 players; no big right? One of the guys in our group never saw the 2 players we were fighting; they were invisible the whole fight. Luckily he recorded the fight so when you watch it you can clearly see 2 of us fighting “something” then the kill feed say we killed em but they were completely invisible. Yeah crazy server lag

08-20-2019, 01:51 PM
While I agree the servers have been crap lately it doesn't explain how a team who gets wiped exits the check point with manhunt 1 status from the get go. It also doesn't explain why when you inspect the agents gear it says player cannot be found with the image completely blacked out and gear blinking. And the entire team showing the exact same builds.

Also, while I understand you can use joystick to simulate td1 chkn dancing the whole purpose of mvmt change in td2 was to reduce this. However, it's more like the electric slide now. Where players look like they are just skating side to side. It's a complete joke and waste of time to even bother pvp.

We had 2 separate sessions where we encounter players doing this.

Not to mention the shooting through objects with the eb. Which I hear is a bug as well.

Lastly, if you have an anti cheat engine and things are still getting past it, what's the point? I know the business, anti cheat is more/less reactionary to new chest code but ffs.

This is basically td1 pvp all over again. Why bother grinding and spending time working on builds when players just use hacks, take advantage of crap servers and game mechanics.

Aim bot is also getting past eac. And I witnessed this early on in the release with pve youtubers selling the code for $300.

What a wasted opportunity AGAIN by massive and ubi to demonstrate they care about the health of the game.

So many problems in this game.

08-20-2019, 02:21 PM
Had this issue last night. We left the DZ as we got tired of it.

08-20-2019, 03:11 PM
is it really work? i saw many cheating players in the game, esp DZ, i do report them , but they are still there, no work at all. although i am saying about it in TD1, but i can expect the same happened in TD2 that i am going to buy. esp player in Asia, esp from china, as i can hear their accent from speaker. i do think Ubisoft should give out a note to tell people how the process of anti cheat work, not demand how to system work, but the process of the anti cheat, so we know the process of report of anti cheat

08-23-2019, 01:54 PM
Ubisoft / eac needs to do pc 3rd party permanent ban.

The dz is getting to be nothing more then who has the most cheats.

Last night we fought a 3 man team, they quickly moved up to manhunt 3, my seekers didn't track any rogues even if I threw them at their feet. The seekers rolled back to me after I threw them on top of them. No tracking activated. The same team all rolled the exact same meta builds and when up to the cp zones didn't even activate the turrets. They also shot us through walls and objects. It was like they had lasers.

It's like they were invisible to any tracking of both my seekers and the cp turrets.

Later another team joined in and 1 yes 1 player ran in and wiped this 3 man team. Now wtf? How does 1 player run in to open fire and wipe a 3 man manhunt team using 3rd party cheats?

It was battle of the cheats last night.

What is the point ubi?

When will we hear about a ban wave?

What exactly does eac do?