View Full Version : (Console) Change in Gamespeed?

08-19-2019, 07:21 PM
I just returned from my vacation and iam somewhat confused. i just played a few rounds (on xbox) and somehow i have the feeling the gameplay on console is completly different then 2 weeks ago regarding the game speed. i played 2 more days after hulda release, so i thought maybe the last patch (arround 500mb) changed something, but i find anything about this in the patch notes.
Game seems like a total spamfest to me now, its allmost impossible to react on anything and the gamespeed just seems totally broken or extremly pitched up to me. its like playing this game in some super turbo mode.
is it me or did something change? is the game intended to be like this? iam rapidly losing fun on this with every match i play right now...