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08-19-2019, 10:46 AM
WAIT! This isn't a NeRf post. This is a 100% Neutral's Outlook on the current situation of the PvP aspect of the game currently.

Eagle Bearer:

I have absolutely NO issues with this weapon what so ever and no... I don't even use/have the weapon.

Its a raid Exclusive. Ive tried the raid once, PvE isnt for me at all and the E.B doesnt benefit my play style so i have no intention of acquiring it.

Is it strong? Yes.
Should it be strong? Yes.
Does it strongly go hand in hand with 3 11 7?
YES!!!!!!!!!!! And that is where the "issues" are coming from.

3 11 7:

The 3 11 7 Meta is making the E.B have such a spotlight. 430k+ Armour with Tenacity mainly.
+ Compensated on top
****(Compensated needs to change)****
Lower the blues (armour) to swap for reds (damage) = Balancing without Overkill.

A Tanky DPS Meta... Wut? I mean by all means make it possible through grinding as you should get rewarded for your time/efforts. But this Meta ATM is far to easy/simple/quick to make to dominate most.

Dark Zone:

3 DZ's was a bad Idea. Im sure enough has been said on the state of it so just to be brief.

1 Large DZ like D1. Bottom quarter Normalized. With the rest occupied.
Seperated by a wall to stop Norm/Occ players shooting eachother. With a door Obviously.....

Increase player cap

Pushing Buttons but maybe a 5/8man group with 50 players in the DZ 🤷🏻*♂️ BRING BACK THE HECTIC FUN!!!!!!


Yeah just fix that thanks.