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08-14-2019, 10:56 PM
'Maverick should not exist'

Yes, this is another whine about him. I read many opinions about him like:
1) Every time Maverick makes a hole - defending team gets a free headshot.
2) His torch is so loud, he's completely useless now.
3) Maverick is easely countered by roamers.
And so on.

My general objections are:
1) If you get an easy headshot, that Maverick probably had no brains from the beginning. His torch makes holes with a maximum distance of two meters, so there's no problems making 5-6 holes in different parts of the wall keeping distance on the sides while doing so. Or even cutting a small line below for a drone checking.
And AFTER that defenders will be in a constant danger since no one knows what hole and when someone chooses to shoot from that direction. It doesn't matter whether AT side has Blackbeard or Glaz or someone with ACOG to kill you through this holes or not, there might be zero shots from that side in a whole round - the thing is, a relatively safe wall suddenly becomes as deadly as an open doorway. A potential moral and physical pressure with no actual downsides for an attacking team. Like we felt ourself safe enough with a floor/ceiling shooting already...
2) He's not useless at all. Ofc he lacks Thermite and Hibana's ability making doorways quick in reinforced walls, but his purpose is different and he has no problems with it. Making a hole and destroying Mute's jammer? Ok. Bandit's generator? Hold my beer. Even electricity won't stop him, 2m range is enough to be safe. Kaid's Rtillas are somewhat hard to find, but that's it.
Destroying hatches, shields, Maestro's cameras (even from the back side of reinforced wall - Sledge could only dream about this). Making a small hole near the defuser and placing a claymore. This is far beyond 'uselessness' I suppose.
3) That's not an answer really. That's just like saying 'bullets are countering everyone'.
Everything in this game has strict counters, obvious or not. Reinf wall counters bullets, explosions and Sledge - Thermite counters reinf walls - Mute and Bandit counter Thermite - Thatcher counters both, but Bandit can trick him and prevent cutting through anyway - IQ can detect and shoot generator down through the barricaded window - Castle counters that - Ash... And so on.
What counter does Maverick really has? Tell me if you know.

And there's not much solutions I can offer. Operator was broken from the beginning IMO. If I could do something, I would reduce his blowtorch range to point blank. He would still be able doing all his horrible stuff as before, but
1) Electricity from Kaid and Bandit devices would harm Maverick and make him shout from pain, making them his strict counter.
2) Punishing Maverick with c4 or bullets becomes real when you know he's definitely near that new hole and not somewhere 2m away.