View Full Version : Possible Solution to Seated Dance Issue

08-14-2019, 12:04 AM
In 2015, the seated version of Diamonds was awesome. It came on the World Dance Floor frequently, and I really enjoyed it.
In 2017, I never saw the car version of What Is Love on the World Dance Floor (which was fine by me, as I didn't care for it as much).
In 2018, the subway version of Chantaje and the cycling version of Side to Side both came up on the World Dance Floor, and I felt these were both great seated dances.
In 2019, I never saw the scientist version of Bum Bum Tam Tam on the World Dance Floor (also, not one of my favorites to do).

I love the seated dance concept, and some of the seated dances have been great to dance to. The mermaid dance for 2016 was pretty cool (though it wasn't as easy to find the ideal seating, since you really need something more like a bed than a chair, for Xbox Kinect). The seated dances are probably also good for anyone who is challenged to do the regular dances. I remember in 2017 seeing a player dance with her grandparents to the car version in one of the Autodances.

One problem with the seated dance is that if it is included on the World Dance Floor, not everybody has a chair handy to get into the dance room (and if you drag furniture around with Xbox Kinect or the PS4 camera running, the moving furniture can create detection issues, especially with the PS4 camera). Yet it's nice when the World Dance Floor can include all of the dances. (In 2018, I actually scored better on the cycling version of Side to Side when I stood up for the dance.)

Why do all of the dancers have to sit down for the dance? If the seated dances were multiplayer dances and if at least one of the dancers wasn't sitting, this would let you include the "seated" dance on the World Dance Floor without frustrating players who aren't equipped to get seating in their dance area on a moment's notice.

Here is what I have in mind. Imagine a few girls in a hair salon. Either one girl is sitting and getting her hair done and two other girls are standing (one presumably to do her hair), or one girl is standing while two are sitting. Now a song comes on and they suddenly start dancing. At least one of the dancers is seated the entire time, and at least one of the dancers isn't seated the entire time. Now everyone can enjoy the dance, seated or standing, even if the song comes on the World Dance Floor.

I got this idea while listening to "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo. I didn't care for this song when I first heard it, and until today I had never even considered it as a song to dance to, but today it came on the radio in the car and I imagined dancing to it. Although a bit slow, there seemed to be a good variety of motions that I could make to the music, with changes of rhythm. It could be fun to time moves to. (It was the first time that I have ever listened to a song and felt that I could actually put together a choreography for it. Maybe Just Dance is finally teaching me something beyond how to copy moves that I see.) Something with a strong female personality would be great for a hair salon dance.

But it seems that more future seated dances could have at least one player who isn't sitting, and that this might be beneficial. Thanks for considering.