View Full Version : Serious Question : Why can a guardbreak proc revenge ?

08-11-2019, 07:15 PM
It is my understanding that in any video games, a player should be rewarded for outplaying their opponent.

In For Honor, landing a guardbreak during your opponent's recovery frames or him failing to input a counter guardbreak could be labelled as outplaying your opponent. Thus, the game should reward the player who landed the guardbreak by allowing him to follow up with his punish.

Unfortunatly, For Honor has this Revenge ******** building up when a character is the victim of an attack. Unfortunatly, a guardbreak count as "an attack". As a result, there would often be situations where a successful guardbreak can't be followed through because it proced revenge. EVEN WORST, the character following through his guardbreak can get massively punished if he reacts too slow to the revenge proc and doesn't cancel it in time.

This is beyond frustrating. Situation where you can't punish your opponent for outplaying him should not exist in For Honor.

My proposed Solution :
- Any guardbreak attempt on an enemy should put a buff on him allowing him to build up +100% revenge from the NEXT ATTACK.

That way, in the long run, the victim of guardbreaks will still build the same amount of revenge, but there wont ever be again any situations where someone outplaying their opponent to land a guardbreak will be the one getting punished for it.

I also believe the same should be said about any bashes that can be followed through with garanteed damage. Warlord headbutt into light attack for instead. It is beyond stupid that the headbutt can proc revenge and the warlord (who can't cancel a light attack) is the one getting MASSIVELY punished by the revenge activation knock down.

So all bashes in this game should also put a buff on their opponent where the next "HP damaging attack" will build up +100% revenge. And stop punishing players for landing non-damaging attacks that are usually followed through by damaging attack.

08-11-2019, 10:09 PM
It's because GB can be abused in ganks since they still haven't figured out how to make an external GB indicator, so anyone can grab you from behind when you're surrounded and you'll never see it coming.
The answer is of course to build up lots of revenge when that happens so people can break out of this unnecessarily unfair situation.

Option B would be to finally add external GB indicators and then do the rest like you said.

08-12-2019, 12:40 PM
Guardbreaks proc revenge in ganks because it is way to easy to land a GB on the opponent's recoveries and even after they parry when they can't counter GB. GBing the opponent also sets up your teammates attack for free damage that gets guarranteed even if the opponent counter GBed. With the correct timing you can even bypass damage reduction and do massive damage to the guy being ganked while he has no other choice but to counter GB and just take that damage.

Your proposed solution is an unecessary and superflous change. You basically just want the game changed so you can get away with playing a gank badly. That's not something the game should be gifting you, that's something a player's skill should account for. It's really not that hard to be aware of revenge feeding and be prepared to feint your attack when you see your enemy's health bar is suddenly glowing gold.

A genuine solution that has been proposed many times before is to allow you to see your opponent's revenge bar when you lock on to them. That way you have all the information you need to know when ganking someone. The downside is that this would put the one being ganked into a massive disadvantage against players that know how the revenge tag system works, i.e. he will basically never get revenge.

08-12-2019, 12:51 PM
Because the startup phase pre CGB can allow anything to land, like a charge shugo hit. Its a powerful gank tool