View Full Version : The actual fudge?

08-09-2019, 09:57 AM
Hi im more or less frustrated and curious as to when you are goin to remove the 15 min penalty for leaving a battle, cause i am sick and tired og getting into battles against 2-4 huldas, cause as we all know you guys thought it was a great idea to add a class that can tap your stamina in mere seconds, have uninterruptable heavy attacks, and to finksh it all up, have an instant attack that deal 40-60% of ur health without even trying, and then add 4 into 1 match, genius i tell ya! Now i really wanna know when these are due to removal/nerf so i may quit this omce great game without giving a **** about the countless hours ive put into all my charracters, only for u to render 90% of them useless by adding these so called "good ideas" to your game..

08-09-2019, 01:11 PM
Sounds like a get good issue, because this hero is pretty trash imo. Every move he has is punishable and easily dodgeable, short range, low damage,í a 50 dmg OOS isnít op unless you wanna nerf the other heroís who can pull off twice as much. Has no ganking tools, feeds revenge and canít do much against multiple players. Everyone complaining about Him are the same people that still cry about centurion. You people see 50 damage and **** your pants, I guess itís okay when other characters do it to you worse though right ? And heís a new hero wtf do you expect everybody wants to play him but heís already dying down because people are starting to realize just how sht he is.

08-09-2019, 03:27 PM
I can't agree more with Dane. Hulda is fine. She is just an aggressive character. Most of the cast eat her alive, Hitokiri and Black Prior are way scarier in my opinion. I used to say this as well ''Oh but why does he have a 50 dmg attack'', but now that I played him I can see that he has to work a lot for that 50 damage if you can dodge the 500 ms punch follow-up. Lawbringer, Hitokiri, Conqueror, Shugoki, Shaman have to work waaay less for the same amount or even more damage on a punish. Get back out there, champ. It'll be fine