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08-07-2019, 04:03 PM
Hello, question is for our favourite mate Ubi-Bumble :)
We have region 5 which is awesome! :) Community was waiting for it and looking forward so long time. But the bad news is may of us finished it too fast. It was not so hard by the way. I have to finish only last story mission. As I have seen it is demanding mission - which I really like! :) So I came up on some idea, but about this in a moment. My question is - we have probably finished whole Spain, so whait is idea for further moves? I mean - story missions. Region 6 (like Mallorca)? Or another country? I'm not demanding regions 6 now, no no no, it is too soon of course. I'm just really curious because U know - I love this game and I hope people will not leave it after finish region 5. Because for now it looks like "ok, Spain is done, now only helix events". I hope there will be official position of the company what we do now with MAIN STORY of Aguilar and friends and direction where game will go :) I mean - no, I'm not impatient, there is still a lot of things to do for coming weeks, maybe months. Craft new t5 gear, special gear dedicated for some heroes etc. But information in the coming months about where story line will go could be useful and keep current players plus attract new ones :)

Now about my idea: maybe next region or anything which it will be should be divided into chapters? One mission could appear per week/month. Like DLCs for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. In fate of Atlantis it was great done - there was episodes. That's what I mean in my idea. But is should be really hard, need to have really good gear before we start. Maybe dedicated for specific heroes, not only dedicated for type of heros (dps, assassin etc.) Because of this split in the time and higher requirements game could be more difficult to challenge.
Also you guys are creating new gear dedicated for specific heroes, right? So maybe if U know that for example Alexios will obtain any "Spartan's King Spear" or ikd how U could call it, or Spartan's King Armor - maybe one hard mission where he have to be used mandatory, because it is mission for him to grab this weapon there (2 companions could be any) and we can obtain this gear only if he will finish this mission. Next we do this mission and we can craft special weapon weapon. He has weapon - maybe second mission where he must be used to defend Greece from Persians, beacuse difficult lvl is so high and only he with this new crafted weapon could handle this ;)