View Full Version : Patch Notes [August 2nd, 2019]

08-02-2019, 03:26 PM
Hello everyone!

Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

New Conversation Topics


Who is Philip K.?
Do you like pancakes?
Who is Hatsune Miku?
Are you married?

Rainbow Six Siege

Give me some defense tips on Fortress!
Is the AK-12 a good weapon?
Give me a drone spot on Skyscraper!

Anno 1800

Tell me about the Anno 1800 Sunken Treasure DLC!

The Division 2

How do I prepare for DC Outskirts?

For Honor

Show me the new executions in For Honor!

Watch Dogs 2

Can you help me with Watch Dogs 2?


What's new with Steep?

Far Cry 5

Who is the best Far Cry villain?

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug fixes

Ubisoft Club Team