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12-13-2008, 02:50 PM
There are only a couple of weeks to submit nominations for the Online Machinima Film Festival 2009.

It would be good to see some flight sim movies in the nomination list, to keep our small community noticed in the much wider Machinima community. I do believe that some of the films in our genre are of a great quality even if they are not recognised as such outside. That's understandable because of the subject matter, but it's still good to maintain some links between us all.

For this reason, I will let you all know who I am nominating. I do declare an interest in nominating one of my own films as the Best Film, which was a hard decision to make as I also greatly admire the other possible contender, The Storm Of War by Monty-Dan. I'm not going to be offended at all if most of you nominate Monty's http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif I'll still be very pleased if one or a few of us make it to the festival, and I'll be there supporting whoever makes it.

I also declare an interest in The 2nd Question! Machinima series.

Please check out the excellent film by TLR in the technical achievment category - not IL2 but born from our community and could use your support!

If you want to nominate any, and I really hope you do to support us, register at the site
http://www.mprem.com/omf/news.php then send an email with your nominations to admin@mprem.com


(1) Best Film
Shoulder to Shoulder by Russell Boyd

(2) Best Series
The 2nd Question! by Pooky Amsterdam

(3) Best Drama
The Desert Dogfighter by Wolf

(4) Best Comedy
Nachthexen by Snatchio

(5) Best First Film
Inside the Whirlwind by TLR

(6) Best Music-Video
Cut Flowers by Dogeater

(7) Best Custom Content
Radiohead: Bodysnatchers by Phil Rice

(8) Best Original Sound Design
The Ship by Egils Mednis

(9) Best Technical Achievement
Desert Rat Blues by TLR

(10) Award for Outstanding Contribution to Machinima. (Person, not movie)

To help you choose, here are the best IL2 films of 2008:

Other machinima films can be checked out here:
(note that not all of these films are from 2008)