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08-01-2019, 02:34 AM

english is not my natural language. So plaease ignore mistakes. But i have to post it here, because in my language there are not many people knowing this.

I wand to play a seekermine-build. But the idea is, that i make massive damage with seekermines, but also can handle with my AR.
So the Idea is, that i gain skillpower for the seeker through the mods and weapondamage and souvivability through attributes.
When my seekerdamage is high and i also want high weapondamage, the idea was, that i will not go for cooldownreduction. Because it is not nessesary, when i can defend myself with a weapon. It will be weaker than an AR or CHC-Build. But thats ok, because i have seeker.
Seekermies+turrent or seeker with drone.
The Idea is to use it in raid. I can make damage to the boss with turrent and Weapon, maybe seeker and i can destroy the adds which are otherwise often a reason for a whipe. The build sould also work in normal missions or the map.

Do you have any ideas or improvements or maybe a working build?

Mask: China MJ54 -> destructive
Chest: Gila Guard Iguana -> destructive, skilled
Holster: Fenris Fodral -> destructive
Backpack: Alps Elements -> destructive
Hands: Exotic
Knee: Fenris Knäskydd -> destructive, patience
With Ruthless as rifle and an AR.

I am thinking of a build without the extic hands and ruthless.

Do you have any ideas... i have not made any utility-builds in TD2 and TD1...

Thanks für answers :)

08-01-2019, 03:05 AM
Use Minigun Specialization
You need high Skill points for good mods on Seeker mine

08-01-2019, 11:33 AM
not the destruction specialization?

08-01-2019, 11:37 AM
not the destruction specialization?
Well I'm using Minigun as it gives my AR a good buff

08-01-2019, 11:39 AM
I use Destructive specialization, and i use China mask with destructive to get the extra 10% explosive damage, gloves i do not use the exotic gloves i know a lot of people seem to swear by those gloves i have had better results running seeker mines and bombardier with my setup then with the exotic gloves, i use gila guard gloves in order to have 6 defense so i can use patience since i am behind cover a lot due to constantly using my skills very few times i need to shoot with my assault rifle or my lmg.

Once in a while i pop out of cover to use AR to get the Spike buff to increase my skill damage and to use grenade launcher because i have special ammo all over the place, only issue i have at this point in time have not found a good chest with destructive on it and skill power and my defense talents so i can keep my patience talent active.

Forgot to mention the biggest reason why i use Demolitionist the perk that specialization has Braced for impact, to ignore explosive damage once in a while a seeker mine might end up close to me and explode either a rusher or some enemy hitting the seekers by accident and with out that perk i have blown up quite a few times while leveling up the gunner spec.