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03-20-2010, 09:14 AM
i agree with most people that AC 2 is too easy and for me it is so easy that i have no reason to play ac 2 sneaky so i simply go around killing 40 guards together without having to run away or make sneak assassinations and i think this destroys the whole game.So i make this suggestion if ubisoft or even a simple moder could realease a mod that was setting and locking our HP to 1 sqaure this would make the game harder,challenging and the most important it would make the game more sneak-assassination based as it is supposed to be.

Well if someone say this will underpower armors my answer is:
yes it will but this mod should be able to be setted off-on and it is for hardcore players

+other benefits by setting HP to 1 sqaure:

Meeting the rly cool slow motion effect more offen

More realistic combat and rly challenging fights that add not only cinematic combat moves but also makes the player feel anxious like fighting on the edge

Allowing players to switch betwwen hard and easy mod

Dying in approx 4-5 strikes which is more realistic.

Lastly i believe that this is the easiest way to make AC2 easier without needing to revise the combat ai and stuff that might never be developed

03-20-2010, 11:24 AM
sadly AC2 is a complaetely un-mod-able so your idea is not only the best way to get the game to be slighly more challenging (thus satisfying ) but the only way.

in AC1 i restricted myself in that way to 1 sync-bar and the game became a lot better.

in AC2 restricting health to 1 diamond is not enough since ezio has another "hidden" diamond under the last one. u can see that once your health is at 0 u r still alive and 2 seconds later the last onc recharges. the problem with the heath system in AC2 is that ince u r at 0 health all u need to do is hold the block button until it regenerates to 1 again and theres nothing the enemies can do to kill u while u wait just 2 seconds for that to happen.
thus one of the following things could help

1) make ezio DIE when his health gets to 0.
2) prevent health from recharging. even partially empty diamond should remain partially empty untill u heal.
3) restrict health to 0. not 1. this way if u get hit 2 times - u die.

but that's just me -a guy who only feels like i fought well if i actually fight well. not if the game prevents me from dying. with all the overwhelming assistance i get from AC2's game mechanics i can fight like a lil girl and still win. it's not cuz im a master assassins. it's cuz the game does its best to make sure im not dying ever.
thank u, ubi, for keeping me alive and not geving me, the player, take credit for that.

anyways, im trying to create a tool to limit ezio's health but since i have never ever tried anything like that in my life before AC2 i dont think i will succeed. :P i dont have much faith in myself.

if there is anyone on these forums that knows how to use artmoney or other hacking tools to create a table (like a trainer) for AC2 - please come forth. help us out http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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03-20-2010, 01:33 PM
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