View Full Version : [TSHC] Changelog 24 July

07-24-2019, 03:36 PM
The Settlers I History Edition
Fixed an issue with scrolling in coop games either playing the same territory or two different territories
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to scroll in the mini map

The Settlers II History Edition
Adjusted the mission 9 campaign text to avoid potential confusion

The Settlers III History Edition
Added the option to use original “The Settlers III” scrolling via the config menu
Scroll method
History Edition

The Settlers IV History Edition

Added the missing “Thumbs Up” logo / icon
Added a notification message when the “Fisherman’s Hut” has no more fish in his working area
Adjusted the position where wounded units would be healed at Healer’s Quarters for the Trojan race
It could happen that wounded units would not be healed when moving up to the Trojan Healer’s Quarters.
Fixed an issue where the color white was not correctly displayed on the mini map if you had an 8-player match
Fixed an issue with the map editor
Fixed an issue where the custom logo / icon the players chooses in the beginning of the map was not reflected correctly in the game
Fixed an issue that caused a stone deposit to be not usable in certain condition

The Settlers Heritage of Kings History Edition
Improved the text scaling while using different resolutions

The Settlers VII Paths to a Kingdom History Edition
Fixed an issue with in-game coin rewards