View Full Version : Game Crash on Auto-Loot Selection

07-24-2019, 08:50 AM
Seriousness: Low

Description: New player, used Auto Loot button on a Weapon Promotion Castle Lv1 mission which crashed the game requiring me to reboot the app. Auto Loot did complete despite the crash and I received an achievement for doing for my first Auto Loot.

Type of bug: Crash.

Steps to replicating bug: Launch App. Ensure that you have completed Castle 1 of Weapon Promote Castle. Open Trials screen and choose to Promote Stones Castles. Click on the Weapon Promote Castle and Castle 1. Press the Auto-win button.

Expected: Auto-win triggers and I receive my rewards.

Actual: Game crashes and after reboot is when I get my stuff.

Device: Samsung Galaxy A5 | Android 8.0.0

I couldn't reproduce the bug again so it might be a one-off.