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07-22-2019, 01:36 PM

Howdy Riders!

Get ready to ride for glory, it's time for the Friendzone Season!
Stirring rewards are coming your way - check out the list below!

1) The stunning ‘Fallout’ Paintjob for the Donkey
2) The steep and deceptive track ‘Barter Town’
3) The pally ‘Chris 'Wheels' Caper’ outfit
4) Bike Blueprints for Harley-Davidson XG750R, Donkey, Agent, Stallion, Bandito, KTM 450 Rally, KTM 500 EXC & BMW F800GS

Season Details

- 4 hour Showdown duration
- 4 free Showdowns
- 3 free Golden Tickets
- 5 tickets for an extra showdown
- 45 minutes - free ticket regeneration time

Own the Leaderboards and get out of the Friendzone! It's your time to prove your love for the Frontier!

For any questions or suggestions, do let us know as a response to this thread.

07-23-2019, 06:20 PM
Still no reaction on the previous thread. Has been 4 weeks already!

07-29-2019, 07:35 PM
Still no reaction on the previous thread. Has been 4 weeks already!

I think you’re out of luck. Ubi has jumped ship on us. They pop in once a month to announce the new bunker season and then disappear. Only a handful of us left in this ghost town.

08-12-2019, 06:32 PM
Hello? Any Ubi/RedLynx staff reading this forum?

08-13-2019, 02:46 PM
Don't think so - news posting yes, reading - no.

08-16-2019, 02:43 PM
Hello to everyone in this ghost town. Not been on here for a few months as I'm not really playing the game anymore. Things were terrible on here when I left, Has it got worse?!?!?