View Full Version : PC Feedback Going back from Odyssey and Origins to Unity and ACIII Remastered. Thoughts to share.

07-21-2019, 07:21 AM
I began my Assassin's Creed journey last year with Origins and then Odyssey. After the final episode of Odyssey was finished, I decided to play two games that Ubisoft gave for free: Unity and AC3 Remastered. I was curious to find out how much this franchise evolved from 2012 till now.

So, what did I discover? First of all, I have spent only a few minutes in the original AC game back in 2007 or 2008 and the parkour was kinda hard. There were problems. So, I abandoned the game back then and rediscovered it due to the ancient settings of Origins and Odyssey. Origins kinda gave me flashbacks from the Prince of Persia, so I wanted to play it very much. Long story short, the older games are less fun to play, despite the fact that the stories in France and America seem interesting. Game mechanics and especially parkour seems less polished in the earlier games. The map is not very large either. I do enjoy Unity for the most part but overall it is less entertaining than Odyssey or Origins. There are few things that the old games did better than Origins and Odyssey: The house of the Assassin for example with its special rooms for training etc. The murder investigations are also clever. The variety of side missions both on-line and off-line is a bonus too. Unlocking chests is no fun, to be honest... I wish Odyssey had incorporated the positive elements of Unity, to be honest.

Is there anyone else who also went from Odyssey or Origins to Unity and AC3 and feels this way about the franchise?