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12-10-2006, 10:56 AM
Hello all new guy here, I have been stalling out alot and cannot recover in flight how can i counter a stall,I was in a fight with a KI-84 i was in a Corsair at 85 power turned into him and that was it, spun out and crashed, happedn about 15 times. any clues??

12-10-2006, 12:07 PM
1. Fly fast and don't turn with bogeys unless forced to do so, and unless flying a turnfighter (which, sure as hell, F4U is not). In other words, avoid stall like hell. You cannot afford to spin out of control just because you wanted to pull a bit harder to get a firing solution. Survival is far more important than the kill.

2. Keep in mind that Ki84 is an awesome machine that you do not dare to engage in a close dogfight as it is aerobaticaly far superior and will eat your F4U for breakfast - in close in hard maneouvering dogfight that is! (as most japanese fighters would). I'd suggest Ki-46 for basic training.

3.You have to 'feel' the plane when it approaches the loss of lift. It starts buffeting, acting weird. Practice practice practice and you will get the feeling. F4U is a special cathegory IMO, with the stall and wobbles... try flying Ki-84 vs F6F to learn when a plane approaches the stall. Then move on to other planes.

4. If, despite obeying all upper rules, you still managed to enter a spin, there are some techniques you can use to get ur *** out of it:

- chop the throttle
- let the controls go
- if that doesn't help (usually it doesn'), apply rudder in the opposite direction of a spin and push stick forward while keeping ailerons neutral. Hold controls in this position with engine idle for some 10 seconds.
- if this still doesn't recover your flight, deploy full flaps, while still holding controls like described above.
- The last resort is, additionally to all upper measures, try pushing the throttle forward quickly, and see what happens. And then back quickly. The torque may help to recover the plane.
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12-10-2006, 12:21 PM
While following the good advice already given, you might want to consider dampening the sensitivity of the controls, and increasing the control filter. I find that the default control settings are far too touchy, and had to make major changes just so I could control the aircraft properly without stalling all the time. Take the time and experiment to see which settings work best for you.

Also, you will inevitibly learn how, and how not, to engage enemy aircraft depending on what you're flying. Like Tigertalon mentioned, trying to turn with any Japanese fighter - especially when you're flying a big, heavy American fighter, will invariably prove a fatal mistake. But you can still win by employing tactics that suit the American planes, and render the maneuverability advantage of the Japanese irrelavent.

You'll learn all that in due time, however, and it will take time.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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12-10-2006, 03:20 PM
At first I had the same problem thundergrunt, but thru some trial and error I was able