View Full Version : Wrong Pvp Package after reaching a better league

07-19-2019, 07:17 AM
This month I battle always for 6500 the second legend league , I reached maybe 30 times? In the end of the Pvp Package i reached the new league but only get the gift from the Buttom league. Itís strange because you see the name of the new league and after that you get the package. I think thats a bug.

Problem is 6450 play the normal legend players and 6500 and up the legend Level 3 Card Players that Is the reason why I always between leagues too strong for under 6500 , too weak for 6500 and above because often the players play with all legend cards plus the op blood elf or the new shaman because of monster healing the monster hp legends... . Often I play then only against 6700-6800 maybe thatís a bug too. If you are smart you should reduce the rising of the attributes per level, then itís more skill instead of pay to win and still the levels are good enough to sell your legend and epic packages. It would only help the lower card players to have a chance against high leveldecks and you would improve the decks on legend because later on legend 6500 and above you see often only the same decks and that is rather boring.