View Full Version : Giving the sun something. Spoilers.

06-25-2010, 11:18 AM
So, I beat the game for like my 3rd time. I love it but it's still not as cool as AC1 :P.

Anyway, having seen the awesome ending again...I noticed on the wall they were displaying images of people offering like grain to the sun, and another big huge beam of light actually sucking things up into it like an alien tractor beam.

Very cool, I assume there is a thread about this already but for some reason and im not sure if it's just me...this forum has been all funky for like 2 weeks. (Although the new Brotherhood backround is friggin awesome.)

Anyway, what's everyones thoughts on that? Or can some one direct me to the official ending discussion? I can't even load the entire page for some reason and everytime I click a link it brings me to go back or return to forum.