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07-14-2019, 08:24 PM

This is a translation of my topic on the German forums.

Many bug lists, official and unofficial circulate around the net. Unfortunately those lists don't even come close to being complete, and most don't even make the impression to actually list the known bugs. Feel free to compare this post to the official "Known Issues" list of the settlers iv history edition:

Without further ado, this is my list of known issues, which I try to keep as up to date as possible.
I would also like to say that my posting on the German forums has been edited by staff multiple times (with no way of one knowing that it was edited, when, and what parts were changed), apparently to my knowledge only regarding security exploits, which I cannot list. Well, now you know. You have been warned.

Quick explanation of the font:
I am a bug that only exists in the history edition.
This bug only occurs in the original, non-history-edition releases.
This is a bug that I have not experienced myself, but have heard of in the community

Quick explanation of the categories:

Breaking: Crashes and bugs/errors which either lead to the game aborting or make continuation of the game a waste of time.
An example of the latter condition is the dropping of a crucial item/tool outside of your territory which then can only be retrieved with substantial time loss. There isn't always a clear distinguishment between "breaking" bugs and bugs of the following category, "functional" bugs. If you lose all your pickaxes in a singleplayer session, your game is over. A single hammer that has gone missing can be saved at the cost of time. In multiplayer games these things can cost you your victory. The same goes for issues that can be circumvented by reloading the game (to an earlier state). These kind of "fixes" and "workarounds" come at a greater cost and hassle in multiplayer games. Another bug that is difficult to categorize is the one that causes your building accounts in the menu to be incorrect. If you trust the numbers the menu reports because you either don't check them yourself or because you forget to do so, or because you simply expect such a straightforward and simple feature to actually work in a game and you find myself in a situation where you build one stone-cutter's hut too many and run out of pickaxes for good (and you do not have enough or no miners), you're screwed. Geologists who unbeknownst to you seize to work and cost you about ten minutes to actually assess the mountain you planned to build mines on, same issue.
Functional: These are mostly bugs that are somewhat correctable or reversible by the player. Knowledge is key.
Graphics/UI: Bugs that do not affect the function of the game itself
Annoying: Bugs that affect your experience but will not affect gameplay


Fatal Errors
Crashes upon game initialization
Crashes in the savegame menu
Diggers will cease to finish their work or will walk between construction sites (this applies to builders as well)
AI does not use bowmen to occupy military buildings. Previously full and attacked military buildings will not be replenished with units by the AI. The AI will stop occupying turrets when out of swordsmen which will effectively freeze the AI's economy.
Geologists and pioneers can get stock on snowfields and therefore will cease to work.
If carriers, workers or thief drop items in proximity to borders the game only accounts for said settler to be inside of your territory and does not account for the item's drop place. This will lead to loss of items and often important tools.
Depending on the constellation of parties in games "Thor's Hammer" will not work
If you forcibly and repeatedly use the "vacate units" button on buildings that are under attack it cannot be occupied by enemy units anymore.
If you send a geologist across a mountain site into a ferry, the geologist may not enter the ferry but instead will be forced to search the mountain for resources. If that happens the geologist cannot be selected anymore and is out of your control. Same principle applies to military units and battles.
Depending on display resolution you will not be able to scroll automatically by moving your mouse towards your screen's borders. Effectively the game does not support 4k resolutions.
Loading of multiplayer sessions causes immediate desync.


Buildings will not reserve the items they are about to use, suspending and resuming work will lead to cloning of items.
The buildings menu will not update the building counts if you create construction sites (this probably also applies when construction sites are being completed or if buildings are demolished). If the affected buildings sub menu is already selected, you must toggle back and forth between a different sub menu to allow the sub menu to update with the correct values.
The sub menu for specific, singular buildings will occasionally miss the number that represents the amount of existing construction sites for that same type of building
Geologists will cease to work if you plant a construction site in his working space.
Thieves may instantly drop items
Enemy agaves fields when the territory switches owners cannot be constructed on and since agaves will not rot this issue will persist for the duration of the game
If you try to select multiple units using area selections and you happen to end up far enough on the left side of the screen the game will also select units in proximity of the minicam
Resources on the map (such as trees and stone) are being reserved by workers and will not be usable when the worker's hut is being demolished during that process. In the case of cut down trees this can lead to them not disappearing
It may happen that your own units will continue to occupy a turret which now belongs to an enemy party. If you try to repossess the turret your swordsmen will repeatedly knock on the door for each friendly unit that supposedly occupies the turret. There will be no fighting and the friendly unit will disappear.

[To be continued]

09-22-2019, 08:36 AM
Functional: When I choose white for my tribe, the statistics show the color purple. The graph line is white though.