View Full Version : LGOD1305 (LiberalMuncher) Custom Tracks

07-13-2019, 01:07 AM
Since I see so many others doing this, I thought i'd put all my custom tracks into one place in case ur looking for some to play.

MMM Mile High Empire - Medium
A World at War - Medium
Urban Underworld - Medium
Greetings From Space - Medium
A Few Steps From Heaven - Extreme
Mindbender II - Listed as easy, more so medium
Red Line - Listed as easy, more so medium
Suburbia - Listed as easy, more so hard
Xtra G-Gorce -Easy

Ive learned a lot from over the past few months making tracks so if you make it towards my first few tracks you'll probably notice drops in quality lol. I plan to add to this thread as I make more tracks.